Dear blog....... ( _ _")

Dear blog...
I slept at 2.30am last night because I was playing Dota and after that I watched an episode of America's next top Model. It was really really cold it reached 5 degrees las night.

My phone rang at 3.10am and it was my supervisor from McD asking if I was coming to work and my shift was at 3am. I was shocked! quickly, I changed to my uniform, (forgot to brush my teeth) and went straight to work. I double checked my roster just in case , I could have sworn it was 3pm. Yup I was right, it was 3....3 freakin am! #$@!%^@

I missed one shift already because I was 2 hours late and my manager was not impressed, and if she finds out bout this shift that I missed for 30min........... I will forever remember her words 'you won't have a job here anymore' Oh God... I need a full time job soon, pls cal me back Vibe Hotel!

Just got back from work actually and surprisingly I'm still awake, but I need my beauty sleep so I'm going to force myself and get some good few hours of sleep.

Good night!
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