couple of bday pics on what we did during that day hehe. I posted all of the pics in facebook already. i guess a pic says a thousand words ey?

kambang le, wanna be models haha
The 3 charlie angles wanted to do the same thing as well XD

Spotted this cute Dog that looks like Bear+ Racoon.. he was very shy + very cute aa!

Some cool stuffs we saw at the night market...

End of the day every1 KO liao

And this is the 2nd day of my bday =.= chung missed th bday so she decided to bring me to the beach again lol
I know I might be big head at times, BUT this is the one time I'm not. THEY decided to make a sand star cake for me and wrote that for me haha. I was like 'nono' dun wan, but i appreciate wat they did la so thx =)
Well so thats practically what I did during my bday =)
so i've finally turned 20. 20 long years. Can't believe what has happened and what I've been thru all these 20 years. anyway i'm 20 and i feel old now, my teenage years is over and I'm a young adult now. Time to move on and continue to Live for Him doing great things for Him when I'm here, to be a history maker.

Got a couple of bday cards, one of them said 'Jason although you have a 'bad' boy look but actually you're very sweet and kind' lol. One of the best gifts I got was a word of God during that day when I was doin my quiet time, awesome hey? I got 2 awesome CD's , one Armani cologne, and the best was last night when I spent the whole day with Aaron, Mel C, Mel, Alli, Suki and Nessie at surfers, shopping around and hanging out, eating, going to the beach, cam-whoring a lot =P and going to the night market doing this stupid puzzle games which is killing my brain cells #$%#, anyway Big thanks to them , appreciate what y'all have done and I enjoyed my day hehe. in fact one of my most memorable bady as most of my bday has been dull? haha. Thanks for the SMS and calls, you know who you are =) love y'all bits to pieces!

and i forgot to mention that I woke up at 6.30am DESPERATELY and i mean it, desperately needed to go to the loo and pee. then as i was on my way there. "Surprise!! Happy bday to you ..........singing' waaa that made me jump and i almost peed on my pants seriously. My crazy housemates wanted to wake me up from my sleep but they quickly hide when the door was open, and just surprised me on the way to the toilet =.= thx for the breakfast anyway. u all lucky i din curse u hahaha =p

Primary 3 I think, can't really remember lol
To the times in JIS, when I was a monk, sakuragi-basketball freak.
and 3 years ago when my good mates in INTI surprised me with a cake
and my 20th bday cake ,yum yum mudcake lol *fat*

Thanks for makin us who we are today
We are thankful for all You've done
lol before I celebrate my bday I would like to celebrate that I have reached 100 posts! woohooo! Wouldn't have thought I would reach a 100 posts seriously, back then I keep procrastinating not to blog and saying 'I quit bloggin' cos no one would wanna read it and i am just so lazy to blog lol. But a Big Thank You whoever reads it, thank you =) thank you for enduring the typos, the messy style of my writing and sometimes my bad vocab+grammar lol.

anywayyyyyy 2 more days and counting, I was at work yesteday and I my workmate gave me a present woot! My first one haha, guess what I got? She gave me a cologne I think? Armani Manla, first time I got a cologne, I dont really use cologne but I think its a way of her saying 'Jason u smelly smelly at work, heres a cologne ' haha thanks anyway Joy!

X-29ers -Have fun at the Extraordinary Camp. His gonna do awesome things at the camp, Ps Matt Fielder is awesome , God will use him mightly, souls will be saved, lives will be touch and y'all will be used to do great things for His glory!
wahahha 8 more days till my birthday weeee!!! im not so and at the same time looking forward to it, not that anything exciting is gonna happen but jus the curiosity on what might happen hehe. Few days ago was Aaron's birthday and what we did was we woke up early in the morning 6am with the cake stormed in his room and woke him up with a birthday song ahhaha. then forced him out of bed to have breakfast keke. I doubt they'll do the same thing to me so yeah we'll see. hmmm but then leh I got this from proverbs 27:14 'If u shout a pleasent greeting to your neighbour too early in the morning, it will be counted as a curse' lol . I guess its sayin they'll get ticked off cos u woke them ealry then they'll go @$%@*& =.=

what do I want for my birthday?? I came to realise that the stuffs guy wants are very expensive esp the big toys they want. here's my list

1.) a new guitar
2.) IPOD IPOD NANO 4gb!!!! (some1 get one for me wahahha) *puppy eyes*
3.) PSP games
4.) Guitar hero game+guitar
5.) Ps3 (funny how the PS3 australian release date is gonna be released during my bday)

btw some of u have ask for my add i forgot to post it, heres it is

Jason Lee
15, Melastoma way, Arundel
Queensland, 4214

honestly though im not lookin forward to turning 20 , i really do feel old now =/
I was working today and then there were these three guys eating there.... turns out that one of the guys there (the old man) was very interested in asian cultures, he was staying in Indo for 7 years and he knows alot about malaysia, brunei, korea, japan you name it. But this guy freaked me out lol. '

We were having a little chit chat and he asked where was I from cos I had this american-ish accent, and he was interested in the fact that I was born in Brunei but having a malaysian passport and stayed in 3 diff places, then he asked what was I doing and I told him Hotel management, ok this is the part that freaked me out. He then said 'OH my BoyFriend is working in the casino, his an Indo.' when I heard him mentioned the word 'bf' i was shocked at first my eye grew big for 2 sec and I told myself 'calm down' maybe his just saying boyfren just like how girls call their good frens girlfren. I was wrong. My work almost ended and so I took off my work clothes cos it was hot and underneath was my Tees. That old guy noticed me and went 'wooo took off ur work clothes eh? sexayyyyy' .... -_____-"" i just smiled back lol. Then he gave me a couple of wink wink ewwww. I could sense he and his mate wanted to ask me to go out with them after my work, they asked me what was I gonna do tonight and why am I going back so early and not wanting to go disco lol. yea rite. oh and he gave me this weird handshake? I was shaking his hand and then he started pressing my hand real tight then relax it again, and press real tight and relax, vice versa. so weird la. kns.
aduh i dont wanna blog want but then this Bananagurl she post this thing on her blog so I'm forced to do this and I MUST! lol. I'll get you! XD

"Those who get tagged must post 6 weird things about themselves in their blog and state the rules clearly. At the end of the post, you must choose 6 other people to tag"

o1. COFFEEE!!!!! I drink Coffee and I'll really get high. and i mean HIGH! HYPER!! WEEEE( good quality coffees )
o2. If I dont get enough sleep I'll be in a bad mood, and feels like the whole world is tumbling down lol. cranky
o3. Im not the only one but its still weird ...I DONT LIKE COINS
o4. I can be blur at times, esp with my hearing.........
o5. honestly I prefer to stay at home at most times, rather than go out alot.
o6. I have a feminine side, yes I do.... e.g. 'buff' or polish my nails, pinku!!!, like to keep me hair tidy, i love soft toys hoho.

okay i guess this is some weird stuffs u dont know bout me shhhh. and ur fault banana for makin me do this haha.

I will pass this to.
Sophia Lee Fat Pig
i just saw the new avril lavigne -girlfriend video and one word - disappointing, what happened to you avril! you lost it after you got married!
yay! i dont know how to express my JOY that I have finally FINALLY FINALLY got the internet! took them 11 days to send the cd here so that we can use the internet bummer. anyhows if only there was a camera to record when we got the internet up and running me and Aaron were so happy that we were jumping for joy as if we were 5 year old kids who just got a new transformer toy haha. wont blog much cos there are tons of overdue pics to post. Finally everythings settled, most of my class starts at 9am and im takin Japanese, Hospitality marketing and Food and Beverate Production (cookin) this semester. Although its only 3 subjects i think its still a lot as my Jap is 20 credit therefore i have to study more. And I dont know how many times already in the restaurant or on the streets I have japanese ppl comin over to me and talk in jap thinking im jap and even commenting 'ooo you look like us'

Thats my unfurnished room when I first got here, and yes I had to sleep on the floor for 5 days till I got myself a bed
My wardrobe, kinda disappointing really, as you can see there's no place for me to keep my undies so I had to buy extra furniture
There my fully furnished room, quite a good deal for the Drawer+Pc table... yea the drawer is where I keep my undies lol
My bed!! KING SIZE SINGLE BED!!! The one u sleep in the hotel room? I got it for only $30!!! Luv u bed muakz

oh yeah and here's the overdue formal pics. Went to the formal in november i think yeah. My boss daughter asked me to go with her since she needs some1 to go with and for some reason i said yes lo since its a formal and its v.important esp for the high schoolers (also who knows what mite happen if i reject it, my boss mite take the parang from the kitcen and chop my head) . The formal was way better than the one I had in JIS or INTI haha. There were literally people arriving at the formal with big foot, sports car, horse+cart, old cars and we came in with a limo not that great compared to others but still awesome.. A LIMO!! first time i sit in the limo le.. sakai me haha. The best part prob was the red carpet, the moment you step out of the limo there were lots of people there waving at you, saying hi, takin pictures... wa I feel like superstar lol. anyway nah heres a couple of the pic.
and thats the corsage i got to match with the gold dress

err outside her house, rich daughters house yes lol

Red carpet

and there BANANA!!! YOU SEE YOU??? FAR LEFT?? HAHAHA . oh and tats my boss far right
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