so im back in gold coast..... honestly its good to be back here, get to meet my g.c friends, miss the Hope people but hey hey i missed u guys back in brunei too =(

I got back one week earlier and was spending time wif Rajan the whole week in brisbane. we had an awesome time together, got closer to Raj as we had time to catch up. HOWEVER us being together is not always a good thing cos we both are Idiots..... its a long story. but to cut the long story short lets say in the past one wekk we had been idiots... we do stupid things, say stupid things, we didnt do it itentionally but just so happens we were being idiots. for e.g. we missed our station cos we were sleeping in the train and I woke up right at the station we were supposed to stop in but i didn't know it was our station. So we had to take a bus back, while we were at the bus stop, i stopped and asked Rajan some dumb questions when the BUS was RIGHTINFRONTOFUS. yeahhh i didnt notice the bus until it left and it was the bus we were supposed to take. so we had to go all the way back to the station to take the next train back instead another 30min wasted...-___-"" yes there were more idiotic things we did but there are just to many to lists really XD

i finally got a job, thank God + aaron for the blessing..... i work in a thai restaurant, not bad, i get to work there and get free food BUT i didnt get paid the first 2 days of work because i was in-training... however by right, what they're doing is wrong because u get paid after like 2-3 hours of in-training/... dang asians in aussie. they pay u less and they are so 'kiam siap' my friend who works in KFC earns $12.50 an hour while i in a Thai restaurant gets only a freakin $10 an hour. thats so saddddd........ ugh i need to find a better place to work soon.

My first day was alright, but i got scolded and yelled at by this mad lady. the reason she's still working there is because the is so nice to the customers 'Hi... how are you?.. hows your meal? come again next time?" smiling and being the gentle woman she is. to the staffs shes a changed person, a monster unleashed roaring 'SEE FIRST BEFORE U DO ANYTHING!!!, DONT DO THAT!!! .... yadayadayada ugh. now i understand why everyone in the restaurant hates 2nd day was funny because there was a party at restaurant next to us and it was a all-girls party and apparently they hired a male-stripper lol. i went to look what was the commotion about and dang.... the girls were all over the guy stripping. i only saw the body his bottoms were covered by the girls (no that i wanna see anything on the bottom anyway) haha.

well thats about it... uni just started... time to go into nerd mode!!!! time to put on my specs and cramp my head into the books =p
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