Okay okay, my fault again. I uploaded the pics halfway and left it there for many days not touching it =.= gah I got to stop procrastinating! But I guess it was a good thing that I did, I just watch Rambo 4 today. And if you've seen it then I can tell the things you see is exactly what the Karen people has experienced, and it's all true. Some has lost their families, some has lost their friends and kids as young as 4 don't even know who their parents are.

This is the main part of the mission trip is to the Refugee camp where the Karen people are staying. They are the people who has crossed from burma to Thailand. You can imagine the stuffs these people has been through, the killing, shooting, running for cover and more killings. But going to this camp, God has opened my eyes to a whole new world.

So we were just gonna go to the refugee camp to help them with the teaching in schools and hold one sunday service but the leader of the Karen told us he wants to have a Revival Meeting!! How cool is that??? Now that was exciting because this will be the first revival meeting we’re gonna have and the pastor said all of us in the team has to either preach or share a testimony. (I preached =P) We had services for three straight days, from morning till late nite!

The place is very high up the mountain.

If you read the top right corner it reads Noah's group Christian School, its a school where the organization we went with set up this school. To give them education and bible teaching.

As you can see from the picture that these people had a heart to worship God. We had about 800 people and apparently the meeting place has not been as full for many years. Just the way they worship has already touched and encouraged me to worship God even more. They worshipped as passionately, children as young as 3-4 years old were in tears as they worshipped God with all their hearts. These are the worship leaders.

The people there were also really hungry for more of God. Hungry for His presence and Hungry for His Word. We even had one altar call session where the stage was so full that the stage BROKE!! When the stage broke the people just stood there looked at each other for awhile and then went back and worship God, waiting to be prayed for.LOL!! (I have the video but I have to go back Aus and get it and prob post it on youtube hehe)If you look at the pic, you can tell this guy a bit siao siao, his actually an animist that was possessed by the devil. Amazing how he just came in after our service and started talking to us. We prayed for him, he got delivered and he came to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior! We also saw many people rededicated their lives to the Lord again. Hallelujah! On the final night we had a healing service where we saw about 50 miracles!!! It’s the most I’ve seen in my life and Praise God that He healed many people. We saw one person with burns on his skin got healed, after we prayed the burn wasn’t there anymore, we had a guy with his hip problems who couldn’t walk properly be able to walk again, many head and chest pains healed, eye diseases healed ,kidney problems, throat problems but the most amazing was a mute and deaf guy healed! (that picture above) When the crowd heard that this person who was mute TALK they went crazy because they knew that this was God healing them. Oh also the most amazing thing was the guy told us that we were the first team that didn’t get sick!! All the other mission teams that got here had at least 1-2 person that got sick but we were the first that didn’t . We made History haha. The healing was caught on video as well gonna get hold of that vid when i get back!)
The kids here, they're just so lovely and adorable!! I still dream of them, wanting to go back again. These kids and the Karen people stole part of my heart =(
The principal of the school with his grandchildren, BUT that's not all , apparently he has 22 grandchildren @_@This is the pastor and leader of the Karen people, thank God for this man of God who really wants to see Hope to be put back in the Karen people and see a generation of leaders to rise up that will impact the world once they are able to get out. He was the one that asked for the revival meeting.
Urm..... polluting their culture HAHA.
These are just the STUDENTS in the school, not the people who attented the services. wow so many people!

One thing God is teaching me here in this trip was to trust in Him more and perseverance, as we all had to get out of our comfort zone to pray for the people, preach, share our testimony. Because I know Jason can’t do anything but it’s God that is working in me that will do it. During this trip God has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Here we are comfortable sitting down on our couches and watching TV, complaining that we don’t have and iPod or why our PC are lousy , complaining about the food we’re having.

But these people have no such thing, living up on the mountains with dirty water and limited food, they lost their families, friends, driven out of their country And all the stuffs they've been through (watch rambo 4) . In a way they are trap in this 'big prison' and it's very hard for them to get a visa and leave.

But you know what? As you can see from the pictures they are happy, even with there stuffs they've been through, all in all they are still happy because they know they have a living God whos living in them, one that they can trust to have a hope and a future, to be able to set them free, to know that God is their refuge , strength and their shelter, that they can hide in the shadow of His wings.

I've learnt a lot from this trip, here I am wanting to be a blessing to them but instead I got blessed through this trip and experiences. And again they stole my heart and part of my heart is with the Karen people.

Matt 25:40 "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Sorry for the late update, blame it all on E-speed, I think the whole of Brunei's internet went super slow. Ping to google was 2300++ms? That's crazy and it happened just two days after I came back =.=" Anyhow the Thailand mission trip was awesome and I can't wait to tell you guys what happened in the next post!!! Till then here are some pics!

Celebrated New years in Chiangmai

We then visited our Daughter Church in Chiang Mai and I just got to show you all this awesome place!
Here's their baptism pool (is that cool or what!?)
A coffee corner after church to relax and enjoy
They even have their own radio station!!!
Hope Chiang Mai's pastor on the left and my pastor on the right
Apparently the church could fit up to 2000+ people
And the pulpit, with 2 monitors?? lol awesome stuffs
Visited the orphanage next, and the kids there were lovely!!
Yea we have to do work as well, we used up all their bricks and built pavements

Gave gifts to the kids

The lady who made it all happen, she said she wants to raise these kids till they get to Uni, you can see the heart and passion for these kids. Giving them a hope and future.

I'm gonna miss the kids a lot and I've made the decision to adopt a kid next time!

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