came back from camp, refreshed, reignited, renewed.... now let's go and change the world :)
Aside from the drama by Tiger Airways and having to sleep in the airport for the night, I'm finally in Melbourne. From what I experiened yesterday I can safely say that this is a place for me to just getaway from the hectic things in the Gold Coast and just relax and get refreshed. I don't know why but I did the same thing last year and I really got refreshed just by sitting out in the balcony worshipping God in the cold, getting revelations and directions. I can think more clearly and get more things done here. I think I'm going to make it a routine that I come here at least once every year :D What is not to like with the awesome food, shopping and atmosphere?

I spend the whole afternoon in Borders reading Nick's Vujicic: Life without limits book and I was so inspired and motivated by his story. I have watched him on youtube but have never read his personal story in detail and I had the chance to do so yesterday. This awesome man of God is doing great things motivating people around the world bringing identity and hope back to those who has none. If you don't know Nick... He is an Aussie bloke who was born without limgs.. no hand or feet... yup you read it right. How he overcame his disability to surf, skydive, swim and speak to thousands of people amazes me. I was really inspired by Nick's faith in God and life when I myself here is struggling so much. I recommend buying this DVD or book to hear his awesome testimony and how God has changed his life.

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God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eye- Psalm 18:24 (The message)

Are you writing a text of your own life or have you made a mistake and think that your life is all messed up? God is our redeemer and can turn the page of your life that has been smudge with dirty ink to a brand new clean page. What used to be the worst story of your life can be turned into something good.

Don't look at your own heart and condemn yourself, open the eyes of your heart to see what God sees in You, your position and significance. Note the when , when you open your heart then the good will come. as you wait for Him, you will know the truth of who God says you are. He speaks into your destiny, not your history

Good night people :)
Even at a time as I'm writing this there is a stirring in my heart to see the current generation and the younger generation to rise up, to carry the mantle to see their city and nation saved. God is doing something in this earth, there is a desperate cry in the heart of people who wants to know the one true God but who is going to bring the good news to them?
Who is willing to rise up and leave a legacy and mark in the lives of the people they meet and talk to?
We are marked by heaven, we are chosen, we are called, we are to shift the atmosphere, are we living that way? Are we caught up by studies, computer games work and assignments? I declare fruitfulness , enough is enough, the drought is over.... I declare that in this time signs and wonders will accompany Your burning ones. Awaken our hearts , stir it in our hearts for a passion for You and Your people. We are hungry and thirsty for more of you Lord, more of you!
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also.. Probably the second corniest song I've heard this year and please don't shoot me, I love Jay Chou but when I heard this song, it really has to be the corniest song after Rebecca Black's Friday. I lost my respect for you dude..
Jay Chou and Kobe Bryant.... enjoy :)

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jay jay jay jay jay jay jay chou,

ko ko ko be,

be be be ko

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