I just got back from work!!! YAY! last day of work.... no more work till my exams are finished! no more stress from work, no more late night dinner and coming back at 11pm-ish, my poor back can have a rest now but im not gonna get any $$$$ sad =( anyway just gonna make this a short blog.... i just realised and it hit me that exams is next week saturday.. that sucked because honestly i haven't been studyin and revising jsut focusing on my assignments so next week isstudy week and im gonna be in Nerd mode and start studying like mad... thank God though i dont think the exams are that hard

26th oct- Intro to Research Assignment due
4th nov- Intro to research Exam..... i think if i study hard for this then i can do well
6th nov- Accounting Exam .... I dont wanna fail this anymore... Gonna practice hard and get it over with
9th nov- Employment Relations... 50 MCQ ONLY!!! w00t!!!! not as hard as i thought it would be, no essays =)
10th Nov- I'll take this as a break to go to the Prom. Hope it'll be fun =)
16h Nov- Last Exam.. Food and Beverage Services
18-19 Nov- Hope Conference
20th Nov- Bye bye OZ
21th Nov- SINGAPOREEEEEE!!!!! (sad one day only)
22th Nov- KL!!!!
23rd Nov- BRUNEI!!!!!!!! i so miss u guys back there cant wait to see y'all!!! lets all go beach hang out, chill, i try and drive y'all around and go lepak and makan wahahaha
30th nov-2nd dec- Freshwind conference (im still thinkin about it, but most likely yeah il go =p) 9th Dev- OFF to KL WOOo
13th-15th Dec- PLANETSHAKERS CONFERENCE!!! dis is gonna be AwEsoMe!!

ok so thats my busy and tight schedule hahha all the best in your exams my friends... ALL of you I know are having exams so study hard, dont play paly to much, dont drink, dont take drugs and keep it real' hahaha blek oh and looks like I need to have lotsa coffee to stay up at nite and study rofl... for those who know me well knows what coffee doest o me XP

Much Luv
okay so i was thinking i wont be blogging because nothing interesting will be going on except for studying and exams but I was at work today and something happened. well let's see I work in a thai restaurant right and then few weeks ago it was school holiday and so my boss daughter was helping out wif the restaurant. then there wasn't any customer right? so we were talking for fun cos boring, she was complimenting how cool my hair was haha =p paiseh what am i studying and stuffs. and she told me she has a prom coming up... good for her.

today at work the phone ringed, my boss answered the phone. As i was bringing the glasses in the kitchen my boss went 'Jason, fone for u, its my daughter she wants to talk to u' im like hah? wat for... and turns out that she needs someone to go wif to the prom. Why she asked me? because it turns out that she's studying in a all girls school and apparently i guess she doesn't have much guy fren. Her mum, I mean the boss told me she asked the guy from her church but that guy didnt wanna go. So i was like the last restort i guess =.=

anyway, help me out here???? To the Girls....... i mean im not sure for the asians but for the western culture it is important to have a date for prom right? i know its a big thing for them and if all their friends have a date and they dont they'll feel left out and maybe a laughin stock? im not sure. I kinda felt sorry and for her sake I said 'yeah okay why not'

then again i wonder if I made a mistake bcos now im going to the prom I have to spend money on clothes cos my boss asked me to wear sumtin GOLD??? to fit wif her daughters dress? im like 'where can i get gold clothes from zzzzzzz' then she said 'ur hair looks gold hahahhaa' yea rite =.= speaking of hair my hair is so long i felt like cutting it when i go back KL but now having this prom i think im forced to cut my hair again aiyak. also i dont even know the people there!! not a single one and i just talked to her daughter for like 2 days only , im so gonna be left out there? lol =.= but she really felt desperate la, like needed some1 to go wif so yeah she even said she will pay for my ticket. i hope i made the right decision... cos i know its a big thing for high schoolers prom.

any comments?
okok I finally blogged happy? lol. well i just submitted my assignment 2 days ago and I didn't get much sleep the night before as usual because I was trying to finish up my assginment. I was like half chattin half doing it..... thx to Banana, ling n leo hahaha. well other than that I have one assignment to go and exam is just around the corner.. next month.
Employment relations- i'm starting to get the hang of it, the workplace relation choices in OZ, human resource management blabla
Intro to research- i've done my first assignment and 2nd assignment is due next week i think, and im still lost, i dont even know what the heck the subject is all about and what have i learnt.
Accounting- Got 28/35 for my mid term exam.. YAY! ..........not. i started slackin off after the mid terms and now im all blank.. whats break even point? whats varaible costs, contribution margin etcetc * i hav no idea*
Food and beverage service- nothin much to complain except that im getin sick of working in the uni restaurant every thursday night haha.

so some of u must be going? huh?? wat are those subs? yeah those are the wonderful subject that I have to take for this course lol. Fun. and oh I was making pancakes for dinner and guess what? I didn't have a non-stick pan soooo I had to use the lousy pan. tats the only pan i have in my kitchen and this is wat my pancakes turned out. =( sad

Poor pancake, all torn-up = still yum yum though

My lousy frying pan... cant even make pancakes, it killed the pancakes
Ok i'm back from camp for some of you who don't know. Went with my church mates and we went to russell islands in brisbane. a really cool place actually. we stayed in a place where there was a beach right outside our backyard!! sweet! no not really, because there's water meaning there's a boat and we had a game where we had to row the boat, it was my first time rowing the boat haha and it was a good experience. Man I took a day off work for this camp and thinking i could rest my poor back from carrying those heavy chairs and tables after work, turns out I had to carry the heavy boat and had to row to boat meaning more strain to my back. seriously though my back needs rest and I can feel pain now. I'm going to work again tomorrow =( sad no rest for my back. besides that the teaching was great. It was all on the topic of Love. misunderstandings of love like love is a feeling, there must be sensual emotions etc etc. But instead we learn about the characteristics of Gods love, like His love is unconditional, Universal, impartial etetc, the experssions of God's love and the our responses to His love. bottom line is : God loves YOU! His always seeking to reach us It's like a kite, its up high in the clouds and u cant see the kite but howd u know theres a kite there? because you're holding to that string. same goes for you when sometimes u wonder if there's a God, you can't see God but his right there waitin for you , knockin on ur heart waitin for you to open up and let Him in. And the greatest love of all was that He paid the price for us for Restoration which is thru Jesus who died on the cross for our sins for you and me, becos we are sinners and deserved to be punished but instead JC took it all for us on the cross so that we won;t be punished but instead give us the joy and peace we never had and restore us. so tats and at the end of the nite we had prophetic nite and that was great too. of course i cant type all of it here but if u wanna know more feel free to drop me a msg and il gladly share it wif u =) we also had prophetic nite to end the camp and tat was awesome heh. also durin the camp i got this msg from some1 who says tat they wont miss me but then still msg me im like hah? =.= hahaha *bonk*

anyway yeah so tat was the camp, and one funny thing happened hahah! for those who has been chattin wif me seeing this girl with a guitar with her. Her name's Yui anyway alot of ppl were asking me 'whos that whos that?' and i would go 'Shes my gf' hahahha. ppl would go yeah rite, as if, she looks like a celebrity. and so they were rite, but then leh... something happened few days ago wahahhaha. I was chatin with TyngWeiwei and funny thing was that she actually believed tat it was my gf! hahaha. she was like 'so when did u meet her, how long hav u been together, howd u guys meet yadayada' hahah funny la, i cant stop laughing. haha Tyng if ure reading this it was u who gave me the idea of writing it in my blog I would hav never thought of it and its a goodexcuse to bring this up as theres nutin to add in my blog LOL

Me and my 'Gf' hahahaha =p
ok i've decided im gonna name my baby guitar YUI! something different cos usually they get english names like Lucille, Betty Lucy lol. YUI IT IS!
i cant think of any title for this blog mainly because i just got back from work and im half eating half chatin wif leo and a blur thai girl and bloggin hahaha. anyway let's see whats been happening the last week on saturday i was blessed because one of my workmate threw my dinner (which was the leftovers from customers i take all the time) and i was like waaaaaaaaa wat do i eat now? and she went 'sorry sorry i'll treat you to dinner next time' and so she did haha. went to this grill shop and had grilled lamb and beef dang, the meat is just so awesome, very tender and chewy, yum yum. and worse part is the whole meal + garlic bread + 2 drinks costs up to $77 im like what????? ok tats not right, i got to pay some but my fren was like nono i told u im gonna treat u! *rich china ppl i guess* lol. then after work my fren had kebab for supper and she gave me half cos she can't finished it lol. hows that? blessed with GOOD FOOD i'll be very happy haha

then today at work usually i have to get the leftovers for dinner right? the chef was nice and cooked me red curry chicken rice woooo! yea rite... in exchange she asked me to clean the floor for her... tats nice lol. well better than eatin leftovers from customer again haha. oooh and im broke... well not really .. kinda.... my one week allowance gone cos it was my frens bday and i had to buy him a PSP game which cosTs $50 and i got myself one anyway lol. so yeah broke now

ohoh something nice happnend in work today! I got a $10 tips from this 59 year old guy woot! most i got so far. It was like this old man he brought 20 year old not so bad lookin jap chick in the restaurant and then his like askin wat langauge i can speal? so i was like 'chinese, english, malay....' then he went apa khabar? waaa crazy this old man can speal french, german, malay, chinese, japanese fluently crazy man. N he went can u speak jap? i was like 'sukoshii' meanin a little in jap. then he went good good i like you! i like ppl who likes to experience diff culture and learn their language! and i also told him im learning shawna - one of the african dialect. lol. so tat guy went 'nonono dont call me sir, call me Tony, wats ur name? nice to meet you' haha and so i got a $10 tips from him wooo. wats he doin wif the 20 year old chick i duno. haha

omgosh im done eatin and i need to go do my assginment which is due on friday =( really pray for me and this assignment.....

much luv
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