note: yes sorry from the response I got from my previous blog yes its Ahan Thai... now I know the place XD

well this is an overdued post too... Me, Bryant, Leonard, Melvin and Azai went to ISB for a b.ball match turns out that last minute they canceled the match, sien =x anyway no match then we just played a friendly 3v3 game and then met up wif yenyin being our tourguide around ISB haha. anyway after basketball surely get hungry la so we went to Tak Kak Luk at teguh raya there eat LAKSA!!! <3 , i dont know but it isnt the best nor its bad, it has its own unique taste i guess so hey i recommend u go try their laksa there not bad. very nice. After laksa leh, we were sitill hungry and Jollybee was around the next block so we decided to go Jollybee makan. damn full damn nice the food haha. You know the Jollybee mascot that always hangs out outside (or inside) the restaurant? haha well me and my mates decided to do sumtin with Jollybee cos we love him/her so much! some jackass just torturin poor jollybee =(

Azai hated Jollybee so he kicked the poor fellas 'there'

Leonard decided to give Jollybee a kiss. Bryants like 'LEONARD wat are u doin??'

Err lets just say I got a little intimate with Jollybee muakz. Holding hands somemore waseh

Melvin the gay also got into action ahhaa

But not like Bryant to the extreme la ..... R+ 18 =.=

B.ball match next week ISB ! come watch us sayur haha XD jk i neeed to train liao

so the gala nights over and well it was pretty awesome, the dances went well, elvis presley of Malaysia, HT Long was awesome as well. According to the guests everything went smoothly and was great but to us backstage crew at the back was a different story. We got shouted at because we messed part of the event cos' ALL the batteries in the walkie-talkie died and communication was hard as we had to run up and down from the backstage to the front. so we had to delay some stuffs. Whats worse I screwed up the 'sway' dance I was in. I took one step ahead of all of them and was kinda embarassed when I started to move while everyone was still stationary -___- At least I asked the audience and they said they didn't notice any mistakes, so that was abig PHEW. As I said the guests commented that everything went smoothly so the nite was great to them but for us backstage crew it was like a nightmare =x

Us doing the sway dance
Bollywood dance ha

The lovely aunties doing line dancing lol

Paul was being gay....... and im like X3 hahahah

Meet my dance partner Piggie, im sorry if we weren't the best cos i messed it up !#$&#^$

And how cud we not forget the ELVIS OF MALAYSIA!!!! HT LONG!!

and then went out to the mall two days ago with Wani who I havnet met in errrr 4 years I think? haha. anyway we ate at aman thai or sumtin like tat in Gadong. At first when wani told me to meet her there I was like 'Whats this cacat place lol' But u know what? the food was awesome! very spicy and thai authentic like, not only that the drinks were probably the highlight. Order a $2 orange juice regular size but you get a LARGE cup and i mean LARGE> reminds me of the hawker and mamak stalls that has that in KL haha. anyway would you believe it? ALL MY YEARS in Brunei NO ONE NOT A SINGLE PERSON has actually recommended me to go to that place to eat. I mean come on!!! I LIKED IT THERE! (Leonard does to) why why nobody has ever told me theres this kinda place in Brunei with Good food???? aduh i feel so sakai in my 19 years in Brunei I have never heard or been there. why o why??? went to the mall after that, they forced me to play the para para game, and I was reluctant but after seeing some people dancing the free-style mode i was like 'man, tats not para para just waving ur hands like and idiot' the REAL PARA PARA is where you DANCE to it hahaha. And I did dance la and apparently I was laughed at when i was err shakin here and there =.= oh yes and leonard and wani were being cheeky taking a video of me dancing it -_____-""

geng le normal parapara dancing first place haha

so yeah im not busy anymore and im free!!!! call me out yamcha or anything ya! but got to book early first haha

haha so today is the day where I get fed and my stomach goes =D

let's see woke up at 11.15 ish then i was like crap, im gonna be late for lunch. Rushed to Thien mi mi for lunch wif Banana and when I went in I was like 'Okay i didnt see her walkin outside and shes not in the restaurant i must be early and she must be late' WRONG! I heard someone called 'Jason' and turned out that Banana was already there sitting down eatin her noodles+drinks and I mean eating so fast haha =.=

then leh after having lunch wif Banana had to go meet leonard up in kiulap cos he has to buy some pc stuffs, then his mum was there and was hungry so brought us to GUESS WHERE??? YES!! THIEN MI MI!! WOOOO (again)ate at 3pm. i think i'm gonna stop goin to thien mi mi forawhile

lets see after that went to pick angie up for dance practice and i cant wait for tomorrow's gala night! its gonna be awesome! the dance is all ready + H.T long, the elvis presly of Malaysia is coming to play for us hoho. i heard him sang before already and man really sounded like elvis.

anyway cos of practice it was so late that I had to err had quick dinner (maggie mee+eggs) because had to rush for service. after service was over everyone was still hungry so went to mamih makan nasi lemak, leonard mum belanja again haha so yeah todays day all based on eating eating only

Note to Banana
1.) thx for the Dolphin , I loved it! now i have two dolphins to sleep with haha. i'll take a pic of my old dolphin which is still in good condition and has been wif me since I was 5 =P
2.)What impression??? =.=
3.)Be thankful I didnt call you *xiang jiao* wahha
4.)Honestly I tot u wud get me sumtin elmo XD
5.)thx for lunch lol

ok need my beauty sleep got to look good tomorrow and wooo the crowd wif dancing... gonna break a leg! =D
what does J.A.S stand for?? jason angie shaun ! hahahah okay pig im so sorry if this blog sound so familiar cos i got a couple of ppl pestering me to blog and im so lazy to blog and dont know what to write? so i'll just copy paste yours and edit it. Credit: Piggie Happy? =)

JasonPosted 15/1/2007
you make me RED all over!!! =( sniff my poor finger u crushed it and now it hurts!! *abuse*!! (my dance partner killed my finger during dancing)

angie Posted 15/1/2007u
kambang!haha why you put that photo? haha let me take the credit (: i took it for you sorry bout your hand lor!so mean lar you, type it out in friendster that i abuse you, u abuse me i never tell anyone yet!you ah, make me blue black every wear on my hands and legs too!next time don't abuse yr wife or i'll make sure she divorce you immediately!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ( angie here is being very big headed cos she wants all the credit of the 'nice' pic she took XD and she claims i made her blue black which I didnt cos I was the one tat got hurt ! hahah)

angie Posted 15/1/2007j
ason got rejected!hahah no lar, he always kena approve by girls one lar, he thinks, HE ah HE thinks he so good looking but then shaun says HE IS VERY GOOD LOOKING but angie say, "so yan dao ah!"hahhaok so script like man! haha cause we are in erm, afc now and shaun is munching away and just finsh and jason is seating on my right and shaun on my left! hahah (angie so happy i kena rejected when Banana wrote 'who wants to go Dinner with you!! so sad haha then shaun say im good looking cos he loves me! hahah inside joke)

those are testimonials from angies and my friendster...hahahaso what's with the title? hehe shaun is on my far left hand side and gie is on my left hand side, we're in afc studio the lounge now and we're being crazy and naughty and loud and erm...blah blah blah. and shaun keeps on saying, "i want to use the computer!" and angie is bullying me and is so kambang cause she keeps tellin every1 its her who took the pic of my errr 'so-called elmo pose' in my friendster and tell the whole world how i abuse her ahhahah XD and some1 just messed my shout out and shauns so cacat man!

shaun: "what gay man?! we're cool!"
ME: is just typing away, "tak tak tak" on the keyboard
oh and yes today is melvin's b'day (:
shaun: (while reading) "and melvin's b'day! THE BIG GIANT GORRILA!"
and the doorbell rang and shaun said, "i'll get ittttttt!"
ME: 'tak tak tak tak' on the keyboard
Angie: maKing pig noises squuuee oinks squeeeee

Francis was at the doorbell, he came so that we could make a video clip for the people back in Hope brisbane haha. being the talk-show host and all wa-seh haha. well i was crappin all the way in the vid so hope it was good.

tats all and i think i shud just steal someones blog and edit it so i dont have to type so much ahhahaha *RAWRRR*
Sweet sixteen is gone and now you're seventeen one more year to go till you're eighteen and you're getting older each day ahah XD It has been great knowning you and a blessing to know you! I appreciate our friendship and although i guess its once a year we can see each other n i'll surely miss your presence but i'll never forget our silly whacky chats lol. Keep burning for JC and cont to grow in Him. study hard and as always.......... Stay lame you lamo hahaha.

On another note i watched Night in the museum the other day and the movie was so hilarious although i think it was meant for kids to watch but heck i enjoyed it. anyone noticed the microphone from the set on top of the screen? haha. ooops movie mistakes and what cracked me up was the stupid malay subtitles... there was one part of the movie that went 'OKAY PEOPLE!!! ( meaning the things in the musuem) and the subtitle was 'OK MANUSIA!!' HAHAHAHA i just felt like stranggling the person who did the subtitle... aduh.
HAHAHAH i just cant contain my laughter when i saw this! i was downloading something right and then there was this AD that really cracked me up and im sure y'all back in brunei would find this amusing as well XD I dont know if u all can see it but the words wif the blue circle is 'Sexy Dates in BRUNEI!!!' and on the bottom are a couple of very hot chicks *ahem* which is of course a very RARE species to find haha. Sexy dates in Brunei... yeah rite.... we wish haha. What an AD ROFL ** U got to click on the picture to view it fullsize **

And i found this picture online... forgot where liao but yeah... theres actually a Mamak store in malaysia with the name Friendster ROFL!!!! hahaha

oh yeah im back in brunei.. its good to be back and i have yet to get all the prom + planetshakers pics so i cant post them now got to wait =( till then im kinda lazy to blog now haha

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