I've dumped Krystal last year and i'll be dumping Cherry this year! Well actually, Cherry is still hanging on with me even and we're still good mates! I've lent to Cherry to so many people that I noticed one of her screw is missing and her strings keep breaking, maybe I've been too rough whenever I play with her T.T
But but I've juz got a new guitar, my new Cheeky Bab! Bab is still on her way back here in 2 weeks so I won't be able to see her just yet, but I reckon it's the best I have, compared to the other two because this one is uniquely special ;) Bab is much more pretty than the other two, or in fact ,all the world in my eyes lolz, oh and she can sing Lee hom- Wei Yi very well hahaha.

p.s- I still have Elmo with me, don't worry, his doing fine :)
Firstly, I apologise again, for the lack of update. My friends were all like 'UPDATE UR BLOG!!' and I'm like 'yea yea' but never get to do it lol. I know I said when I get my new computer and able to go online I'll update again but cripes, here I go again, procrastinating -_-

I'm pretty stoked on my new computer. I know some details here are just jibberish to some but I wanna post it anyway cos the PC is just so dam awesome =)

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7300@2.66GHz
4gb Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT
One cool Logitech Keyboard
19inch LG Monitor
750gb HD
Antec Sonata III case with Antec power supply
ASUS P5QL-E Motherboard

All these for a whopping Aus1275!!

Urm I knw Banana asked me to update like long long post since I've been inactive.. So I'll try my best but I'll probably bore you guys anyway =P I got my Exam results back and I got P,C and D with an overall of 5/7 Gpa for the whole 3 years in uni, its' not to bad hey? I'll officially Graduate in a week time and I can finally say Bye Bye to Uni! I'm in the process of applying for my Temporary resident and gonna apply for a full time job, I can't wait!

Oh and I just remembered I did something stupid on the process of doing my paperwork for the Visa.I had to get a police clearance from the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra right? So me being a guy not thinking straight went and book the flight to Canberra BEFORE MAKING AN APPOINTMENT!!! How s2pid can you get Jason?? So I tried calling many times to the lady and ask her to somehow to slot me in and with a typical Malaysian Indian Accent and being rude she went ' Why didj yoh book yoh flite before callin' to make an appoinnnennnnt, yadayadayada' -_- To makes matter worse I was supposed to travel with a friend but she managed to get the appoinment. So she came back and told me 'You should hav went! 4 people didn't turn up'.................. deep breath in, deep breath out, relax its ok, wats done is done......

hmmm been workin a bit during my holidays, shoppin for christmas gift, hangin out with friends....
Missing my Cheeky Monkey Come back soon! Counting the days you'll be coming back, so we can watch twilight lol :)

I just cut my hair and I look like good boy now.... well that's wat everyone says anyway, no more 'bad-boy, or tiger look' I look like some typical goodboy asian ROFL! I'll be coming back to Brunei and Malaysia in Jan!!! I don't know how am I gonna manage that in 2 weeks or less, but I can't wait to see you guys back home especially La Mee, Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Buttermilk Chix and Kolomee Pop!!! I'm so gonna eat you all wahahahaha
It's 4 am and I'm still wide awake! Just got back from uni playin Dota and I haven't played that many games in ages and sleeping that late....... not good. If certain people found out about this I'm dead haha. I partly put my blame on Jon, cos....... I know his gonna read this HAHAHA. Big wolf attacking >=) joking la Jon, it was heaps of fun haha, but time to announce our retirement

Jason makin public announcement. 'IM QUITTING DOTA!!!!!!' hehe =)
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