Ok my blog site was 'dead for a couple of weeks because I haven't been bloggin.... one word Lazy hahah. I was spending to much time playin games that i dont have time to study and blog. Well I think im screwed. Next week is the 5th week of school and I havent started revising! I have 2 tests and one assignment due on the same day. Yea i havent starterd my assignment as well.... Guess I'll do it tonight. What's wrong wif me , I dont have the will to study since this semester started *sigh*.

There's this blood donation campaign going on in Malaysia now and they have one in our campus... I decided to give blood donation a try for fun lol. No it wasn;t painful cause they put alcohol (i think or some other liquid) on ur hand then give u an injection so when they put the needle you wouldn't feel a thing. The only part that hurt was when they poke ur finger to test which type of blood you have. *ouch* I've actually done that part in bio lab before but i was screaming when they poke it on me last time. Yeah i'm a pussy.

Yesterday, was supposed to be the day I'm goin to fight, cos there was this karate competition goin on. Sensei told me i was fightin on saturday and not sunday. So i went along wif me senior and we had to bring 4 kids wif us who were also goin to fight. When I went there i found out that i was fightin the next day!!! wtf, so im stuck i the competition babysitin kids , no im serious!! I had to babysit those kids who were 10,11,12. and were really annoyin. I had to tell them when they fightin bring them here and there. I was stuck in kl for 15 hours......which sucked. So my fight is on sunday but..... truth is i havent been trainin and dont think im ready for the match yet as i had to pay rm30 for it. So i told my sensei I had tests and assignments and i cant go on sunday. Which is half-true.. the other half was tat im not ready. And so i'm goin to miss the fight and go..... watch STAR WARS!!!
lazy to blog.... been busy busy even though school just started.... hahaha
Yeah, so this is my new layout, I guess I got sick of the old one and I figured everyone else got sick of it as well. Well its a simple layout, nothing much, comments would be appreciated heh. Urm April guess I need your help with the comments thing again =P.

Ok so I was in Brunei for 1 week few days. It was great coming back seeing my friends and family again. First few days just stayed at home and played games. Leonard stayed over my place and I stayed over his after. Played games all nite... DOTA baby! Oh yeah I could drive and I drove back from Miri back to Brunei. My parents didn't trust me at first. Well it's like tat and I had to deal with it. Afgter awhile I gained their trust and finally they let me drive alone. Almost everyday me and Leo would be drivin around brunei doin nutin lol.

Last day in Brunei SUCKED and F*K JIS. I went to JIS one last time to see my friends and then during lunch time I played basketball. ok so i got a little competitive in the game and so I took everything out of my pocket and left it on the ledge. My wallet and phone. The first team was the 'White boys' team and they were cheating beacause the score was 4-2. We were leading and then the white boys said it was 5-4. When the heck did they get so many points???? After they said that I got competitive and went all out and beat their team. They lost bad and after that played against another team. Lost the match and so went to the ledge and get my stuff back but then I found out someone took my Wallet!!!! Freakin shit. I walked around and found it in the changing room empty. My $75 was gone. And i was pretty sure it was the white boys. My fren told me he saw the white boys hangin around the changin room when i was playin the 2nd game. AND usually in JIS the white boys are the one that caused the most trouble. They have lack of respect for Asians and they need those money for Weed (sorry not ALL but MOST). So there was no point in me askin "Who the hell took my money???" because no one would give it back anyway. I went and asked anyway. They're lucky im goin back the next day or else......... When i get back on August i'll definately pummel them, just you wait.
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