Thanks for Bananagurl for doing this XD

Yes, as some of you may not know, I am a superstar *gasps* and I've been working secretly in the media industry for awhile. The only reason why I didn't want to tell anybody was because I don't want any stalkers or paparazzi :)

Okay.. Enough Krap.....
Happy New Years Everybody!! See you guys in 2010!!
Looking to make Pepperoni and Caramelised Pumpkin Mini Pizza or how about a simple Salami Open sandwich with tomato chutney?

DON is doing quite a bit of promotion for their meats during this Christmas-New Year season and you can check out free recipes from their website on the corner of the blog. They really have good recipes for good food ;) If you have no idea what DON is... they sell good fine quality meat and no doubt you'll see more of them in Australia. I know they're already bringing it up in Sydney and Melbourne.

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December is the month where we remember the greatest gift ever given to mankind. It is the gift of God’s only begotten Son for the salvation of the world. For many, it would also be a month where we express our love and appreciation toward people we love and cherish. However, the irony is that very often, Jesus, who is the reason for this season, is not the focus of our celebration. This was the case in Micah 6:3, where God’s people became weary of God.

However, I want you to look at the amazing response of the Almighty God and His great love for His people. God replied “O My people!” Is it not remarkable that such language should be used by the eternal God? It is the voice of earnestness and an appeal of love. Love injured, but living, pleading, striving and entreating. Divine love yearns for the reconciliation of the rebel.

Once upon a time, there were two boys living with their father. The younger boy had an itch to go to the big city. He said to his father, “I’ve had it with these chickens and cows … Father, you are, in one word, obsolete. You don’t know how to live. What I’m asking for is my inheritance now so I can go to the big city and really live it up!” So the father relented and gave him his inheritance and off he went to the big city.

The people who came back from the big city taunted the man as he waited for his son to return, saying, “Hey mister, you must be pretty proud of your little blue-eyed boy. He’s always drunk and spends half his time in bed with some women … he’s really living it up!” But the man waited and waited. And one night he saw his son coming home. He could tell by the walk, the stride and swing of the arms (signs that only love would notice) that it was his son. The father immediately ran out and embraced him, and in that moment, as tears ran down his father’s cheeks, the boy heard him say, “You’re home; that’s all I want.”

This is the familiar story of the prodigal son—and it’s the story many of us have personally experienced. We think that God is here to kill our joy and rob away our fun without realizing that God is for us and He really loves us. This Christmas, let’s appreciate our heavenly Father for who He is. “If we are faithless, He remains faithful” (2 Tim. 2:13). What a great God we serve!

Rev Kong Hee
City Harvest Church

Remember I posted a note 2 months ago about me being rewarded at work to go for a rainforest cruise and going to tropical fruit world? I also mentioned that if you write a comment on why do you think Jason is cool then you just entered yourself to win this awesome experience trip with me :) but because nobody did (fail) then at the end I went there with my colleague.

Here are couple of pics from the trip and more pics in my facebook album check it out :)

Because Blogger is lame and because I'm not tech-savy I don't know how to upload and sort these pics out forgive me.

er, yes I know I look like that statue, tahts why I took it XDDid I mention I took a short trip to Mexico?Me and Sharon in Mexico
Oh and I managed to catch this huge Mud Crab and eat it too

Satay aaa satay..!!! Kidding XD those are use to catch oysters
Don't wanna shre my fruits with you hmph~! Oh wait forgot to mention I had chocolate fruit (reallY!) and it was very very good
Loved the feeling of fishing again, but as you can see the fishing rod was quite lame -.- had to kiss the fish goodbye as I put it to the oceanCan't wait to swing to 2010! Ciaoz

Last year, the Indiana Pacers were terrible, the Utah Jazz had a good run but got knocked out by the Lakers. I thought with the new acquisitions, the Pacers might do well this season, but with injuries and lack of defence this team is breaking my heart. Hope defered makes the heart sick..... and this team isn't doing my health very good.

A winning team will bring healing and comfort. Pacers (and Larry Bird) if you're reading this stop it with the bad offence and start playing good defence! Don't make me turn into a free agent and change to another Eastern Conference Team just as I did to the Nets (before J.Kidd got traded).

Jazz you're doing well, and I love you! just stop losing to bad teams like the Timberwolves (twice!)

1.) New Hairdryer
2.) Bedsheet for my queen size bed
3.) Ps3
4.) Wii
5.) Bean Bag
6.) Lazyboy chair
7.) computer chair
8.) one ticket to Japan pls
9.) oh and one to melbourne thank you
10.) and get rid of this stupid virus/spyware where when I turn my internet explorer my pc goes to blue screen and restarts. tcpip.sys error (any help?)
Man, I'm in need of a breakthrough. Like a big one. God has been speaking to me in doing something and I tried before but failed. So i'm gonna try doing it again after Christmas. It's gonna be a challenge but if I want to see myself move in some areas and have victory in some areas then I'll obey what God has prompted me to do just as Luke 4

Power!!!! Vrooomm Vrooom!!! (if you were there you would understand this hehe)

on a side note
There's Christmas Evax coming up this Wednesday (16th) if you're interested, we'll be going out to the streets giving out candy cane and telling people the true meaning of Christmas (fun!) I believe christmas is a season of eGiving (extra giving) and we should go out there give what we can and most people out there needs love, care and hope even now because its shocking but people do get lonely during christmas

Then we'll be having christmas party next Wednesday (23rd) at my place, so pls do come because there'll be lots of goodies, me making ice cream cake, and gift swapping :)

oh and Christmas Service (20th) this Sunday!! Don't Miss out!
Is it just me or did I now only realised its December!!! 2009 is ending soon and seriously time flies really fast this year especially when you start working.

Compared to 2008, 2009 was good... the first 3 months of 2009 was probably a struggle but thank God He helped me pull through and move ahead. I've definately gone to another level now ( played to many games hahaha.. ok lame.. hope u got the joke). This year I've gone deeper in my worship with God and my relationship with Him. Not only have I grown Spiritually but in my character as well, people have been commenting on how much I've grown Spiritually and in my leadership... im so encouraged! Praise God! I know my character still stinks but seeing the stinky Jason before and the stinky Jason now I don't stink as much :) There are of course bad times, storms that do come in and times where I've struggled but I know its not the time to give in, not the time to give up but to continue to move forward and look on whats ahead, trusting in His Grace.

alot of people has been asking me...'Jason!!!! do you have a girlfriend yet!!??' Hahaha no I haven't and I'm not planning to make that my goal next year either... and friends back home please don't call me Gay! eh guys I'm only 22 ok,still young, single and ready to mingle.... kiddin XD.seriously though I feel I still have a lot to grow in and things to focus other than that, besides I don't need one, I'm married to Ministry hahaha. The special someone is somewhere out there I know, I know in God's timing it will come to pass =)

I'm also excited that its not just me but EVERY single individual in church has risen this year and I can see how everyone has a role in God's kingdom and the impact they'll be making!

Really stoked on the upcoming 2010, with confidence I know that God IS going to do greater things in my life and the church. It isn't just me but many of us has said its a time of preparation now, getting in the word and build our wells so when the semester starts, I feel that the harvest is just going to come in and come in till we don't have time to prepare for ourselves because we'll be giving, teaching and disciplin :) aweeesoooomeeeee

"May the fire in you continue to burn, so bright and strong that it'll be infectious..."
I've been playing this cute addictive little game called mybrute. Its a game where two cute characters smacks each other to death in a battle simulation. You don't do much in the game except for picking your characters and choosing who to battle with and you let the simulation do the rest. Little did I know it can be so much fun.

Basically if you google mybrute people whould ask you to be their pupil and you can get a Bear or Wolf.. NOTTRUE. However I do believe it gives you good item and skills for a start though. Anyway its a fun game which really takes you 5-10min MAX!!! Join the game and be my pupil!! click on this link here create a charater and challenge me :)

and look!!! *gasps* Iron Man 2!!!

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