I love the Lincoln Brewster Album I got for my bday, been listening to it and this song really touched me, the lyrics are meaningful so true and made me realized that there's so much brokeness in this world, but we as God's children , carrying God's compassion, to love others, to give the life we have been given to others, to Love God, Love People, Love Life.

The Power of Your Name feat Darlene Zschech

Surely children weren't made for the streets
and the fathers were not made to leave
Surely this isn't how it should be
Let your Kingdom come
Surely nations were not made for war
or the broken meant to be ignored
Surely this just can't be what You saw
Let your Kingdom Come, Here in my Heart

I will Live, to carry your compassion
To love a world that's broken
To be your hands and feet
I will Give, with the life that I've been given
and go beyond religion
to see the wold be changed
By the Power of your Name

Surely life wasn't made to regret
And the lost were not made to forget
Surely Faith without action is dead
Let Your Kingdom come, Lord Break this Heart
Your Name, is a shelter for the hurting
Jesus Your name, is a refuge for the weak
Only your name, Can redeem the undeserving
Jesus Your Name, Holds everything I need
So I decided not to celebrate my birthday this year..... reason why was because I'm 22, I feel there isn't really a need to celebrate and my birthday hasn't always been that great. I do appreciate what people do for me during my bday and I really thank them for it but it just feels like any other event and I never get any good gifts for that matter. So I was like ahh wtheck, I'm not gonna plan anything cos ppl will then ask 'why did u not invite me' blablabla

Turned out that this year's bday wasn't so bad after all.... I can probably put it in my Top3, whats' my top? I have no idea but it's hidden in my memory somewhere If i can relocate it haha, that is why I said its in the top 3 just in case if I remember XD
I kinda celebrated my birthday for three days. Saturday we had BBQ on the beach and you know beach is my fav place to be and later in the noon my friends surprised me with an *gasp* iPOD!!!! Heck yea I was serious when I said I waited 4 years to get one.... I always entered surveys to get a chance to win one but I never did =( I was really grateful for the gift the guys chipped in. After the BBQ went out to have dinner with a special someone :) Everyone sang happy bday to me in church and had a late dinner after that. Monday had another dinner , had a big sukiyaki night :) so i was fell fed hehe
Oooo wats tat.... Ooo an Ipod! Got to love the beachMy presents...
I think this book is a book in season, thx chung!

Carol got me this bunny haha cos I was born in the year of rabbi... quite creative

Geez dis album is very good, check him out guys! Thx fab and jos!My iPod.. Haven;t open yet.. just leave for 'Pai Mei' First, and also a P.S you're cute chocolate bar from Ping .. Thanks! =)
And painted my toe nails black XD

oh yea and I'm officially working in McD McFlurry anyone?

I knew I was going to get a breakthrough this week, but I was hoping for something like a new job but little did I know that breakthrough was about my my Spiritual Life.

The past three days were crappy, I was moody, partly because I was tired and sick of not getting a job despite me going everywhere and applying. I was angry with God, asking why did I have to suffer during those 3 days and where are my favor and blessings? Where was the Harvest he promised? Where was the job and so on.... It's as if His hedge and hands over me was gone. Did i suffer because of my sin or unavoidable disaster (God/satan?)

Yesterday's quiet time was one of the best quiet time I had for awhile and God prompted me to read Job. I did... and God opened my eyes and made me realized how selfish and how blinded I was. If I didn't get what I want, I would blame God, and think that God 'disowned' me. Job's faith in God really inspired me after losing 7000 sheeps, his family and his livestocks. First reaction I would get was to blame God and ask why!!! But Job, first reaction was to fell down to worship and said

"I came naked from my mother’s womb, and I will be naked when I leave. The Lord gave me what I had, and the Lord has taken it away. Praise the name of the Lord!”
and on the next verse it said
In all of this, Job did not sin by blaming God
Wow I've been blaming God all this time and made me realized one thing.... My faith was based on rewards and prosperity, that is hollow. If those were taken away would I still worship God or would I blame Him and walk away? To be unshakable, faith must be built on the confidence that God's ultimate purpose will come to pass.
I told God..... no job, its ok, no blessings, its ok, I know theres plenty in the storehouse waiting to be open in your timing. I'll wait patiently and although I have nothing now... yet I will praise thee.
3 bad days in a row now.... I have no idea what's going on.

Saturday was already bad (previous post)

Sunday wasn't good as well, was quite discouraged

Monday morning.... Today!! I was looking forward to a brand new day. no luck. first thing when I went to the bathroom my anger was already boiling up, some douche went and dropped my new shampoo on the floor and the shampoo was all over the bathroom and didn't even bother to wash it. That was early in the morning.. hows that? I'm running low on cash since I have no job and guess what? I was fined $150 today for parking, yea yea my fault but jsut the fact I had got fined ugh...... to top it off I came home, as usual the kitchen was in a mess and no one bothered to clean to the fridge all the time as I was the one doing it all the time and taking out the thrash.....geez.

I feel like Job now -.- and I have a feeling Im going to lose my basketball game again tmrw..... sigh
Saturday, March 14th , Wasn't a Good day for me. It's the weekend and its a day after Friday the 13th, not that I believe in that anyway but my day yesterday was absolutely crap. Could have never been worse.

Woke up at 7.45am and had to get ready to go surfing, the main point of the event was that we could invite new students/friends but the downside was that it was all the way in Currumbin which was close to 40min drive. There's no way people would wanna come if it's so far and the only reason we had it there was because the surfing was cheaper... fair enough but if you add the petrol that needed to go there it adds up the same amount. If we had it in Surfers where we usually do, at least people would know how to get there by their own and join us whenever...... that's just me complaining about surfing.....

The bad part was driving on the way Currumbin, I took the wrong turn, went all the way to uni and had to take a long way back to the highway (I didn't know where was the short way) there goes my fuel consumption. Then I was told to take exit 95 which I did but it turns out the people who gave me the directions didn't take that turn and took an earlier exit so we went to first beach= nobody.... called and tried second beach= nobody....... called and tried to ask where are they, crappy directions were given.... so i decided to go with my insticnts, reached a place that had many people.... nobody and in the end I just went 'Hey I'm here at elephant park, Go ask someone how are we going to get to your place from my place' easy as that. Done deal. Now this may seem like nothing but for the driver himself can be quite stressful, so annoyed when one of my passengers went 'ur like my mum, why so stress when driving' geez man..... after taking so many turn and not finding the place i'll surely be stressed right, for the passengers they're ok cos they're not driving... gosh!

Did have fun surfing but towards the end I got annoyed again. I told my friends hey I want to leave and reach home bout 1ish cos I have work tonight and I need to rest. Yea they were in the water for so long they completly forgot about time, no worries, I'll wait and just use this time to sunbathe. When they came back I said lets get ready to go now, and they wanted to climb that huge rock thingy -_- . I said go go but come back fast. yeah right... 20min and they're not back yet so I decided to take a walk to the shops and come back, and finally everyone was ready.... I was frustrated of course having to wait for so long and it was close to 2 and I went,
'why so long? I said I wanna go home early already ma'
'But it wasn't long , and u just got back'
'I just got back cos I had to wait for u all for 20min under the sun and you guys haven't show up yet.'

then when it was time to go home.... took every1 5min to decided who to follow who...
'why don;t follow my car? I'm going uni!'
'oh.. she doesn't think we're good enough friends'
ugh so childish....
either way Im bringing them to uni so its the same thing and people can decide who they wanna go with ya.... because of that it took them ages to decide who to follow who....

oh and my friend lent this Nike shoes to my housemate which he hasn't worn for 2 years. So my housemate used the shoe and two days later I used the shoe as well for a day. Didn't notice anything wrong with the shoe until yesterday when my friend complained there was a slight tear on the shoe... woah! he wanted us to buy him a new shoe oh, and pay quite a huge amount for a rm250 that he rarely uses and the quality wasn't good as well. It's not settled yet but I told my housemate ill shar the responsiblity and what we could do is just buy the shoe off him and use it which is better than getting him a new one. What I don't get is, we're friends and you still treat us like that? Want us to pay for the shoes?? If it was my friend tat tore my shoe just a lilbit I would get angry of course but I wouldn't even EVER think of asking them to pay for it..

I managed to get home at 2.30 and had to leave for work at 4pm wasn't much time to rest cos I had to cook lunch as well. ALMOST got into an accident. I was stopping at the traffic light and when it was green I pressed on the accelerator and my car went on reverse NEARLY hitting the car behind me, it was a good thing the car behind me horned if not I would have hit her. See that? I was driving the whole day up and down an 80min trip and I didn't get enough rest to drive to work and nearly got into an accident...... thanks a lot

Work was bad
1.) Realized I was day dreaming when I was serving customers during a cocktail party, realized it when Kids were laughing and pointing at me. I guess my expression showed I was in lalaland
2.) I was working in the bar for an hour and during that one hour somehow my shoulder knocked the tray and the beer spilt all over the floor. Whole bar was in a big mess.
3.) Event started, My role is to deliver take orders and deliver drinks. One time I had a bottle of champagne, 2 glasses of champagne, one beer and one wine. was walking halfway I slipped and fell on the floor HARD. I was so shocked and stunned i was lying on the floor for like 6seconds before I realized what had happened. Supervisor and associate came and went 'are u ok are u ok?' phew! at least I didn't get scolded. That resulted in a late delivery of drinks, customer said he gave me $50 and the change I given was wrong and I had to change cos I stink of alcohol which lead to a late delicery of drinks
4.) I was being careful not to slipped and when I finally got into the room my associate bumped me accidentaly and my drinks fell on the carpet -_- great....
5.) There was this guy at work that is so friendly and helpful to me... are you ok? hows it goin? and in the end I realized he was....... I think.....gay
  • So how old are you? I'm 21... Are u married?
  • Do you have a gf? It's complicated, single for now, yea thats the best ;)
so that was ok until.......
  • Are you staying with friends or family? oh staying with friends.... Guy or girl friends? Guys... that's very good! less problems hehe
  • He went 'Hey baby' to me
  • He always touched me on my hip or shoulder whenever I talk or he talks to me, one time was my hip nearly to my bum
  • He took a napkin and spank my bum -.-

and yes..... me meeting him for the first time that's being overlyfriendly don't you think? lol

so yeah that was my crappy Saturday.... I can't believe it was that bad sigh
oh good thing was I did managed to invite that guy to church lolz.

still jobless.... still looking for a job... still bummin' around doing nothing useful and when I plan to do something useful I go to sleep (really!)

nothing much happened these few days but did have some pics to post.. will do it some other time XP
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