check this video out, these guys are really cool must have took them ages in the basement coming out with these stuffs,its creative, its geeky, its TRANSFORMERS!! ;) Michael Bay shud have hired them instead

wa lao this is unexpected I got tagged and now I have to do this -_-"" n those who I tagged tough luck you have to do it as well wahahah

Heres the tag, not that hard at least it will give u guys something to blog about >=)

5 things found in my bag
- Pen
- Books

5 things found in my wallet
- coins ( i have no notes atm *poor*)
- atm card
- 18+ Card
-More cards
- even more useless cards

5 favorite things in my room
- Laptop
- My baby krystal
- My King size single Bed
- softoys

5 things I've always wanted to do
- Be better in playing the guitar
- Be able to compose my own song
- Go to Japan + learn japanese fluently
- Be a history maker
- Sing better

5 things I am currently into
- My stupiak exams
- Music
- Guitar
- DOTA (been 4-5 years already??)
- I started watching Dramas again -_-

5 person that I tagged
- Joyce ( u have to blog more lol)
- Bananagurl
- Tingaling ( too bad haha)
- My ahma- Seya
- Cheryl n JC of fga =P

ok honestly after typing this i feel like I need to make chocolate cake, chiao! finals starts tomorrow! keep me in your prayers! thanks!
one more week exactly till my next exam *ton ton ton* Well yes i've been studying but havent been studying properly, you see no matter what, whenever I start studying I would start to 'do fishing' meaning my eyes would be half closed, head nodding. I mean i was sitting on a chair reading and the same thing happened. argh. So much for wanting to study seriously. Help me =.= anyway hopefully i can fully utilise this one whole week I have and start studying properly for my exams. ive been a lazy bum.

oh yes and I need a haircut too, im starting to look like a monkey. Initially I wanted to leave my hair till its very long but My good fren Vanessa is taking hairdressing course and she said she got to the point where she can cut my hair already so hopefully after my exams she can cut my hair well even though she's a trainee. Honestly though if my hair doesnt look right I would shave my head, again
woot! Yes i've got a D for Japanese! D not as in A B C D E but D as in DISTINCTION!!! oh yeah! never thought i would get a distinction? that was cause I did so badly in my mid terms which I almst failed but hey by the grace of God I managed to pull thru, I worked by butt off and during the day its all up to Him already. Next exams 19th n 21st! quite awhile before exams so now i can kinda relax! =) nerd mode starts on monday!
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