I’m so screwed at the moment. My laptop is busted, because of the freakin hot weather. My graphics card got overheated I guess that’s why all I see is blurs in the monitor…. Stupid Weather, stupid laptop (guess that’s the problem of getting a pirated one lol)… now I have to suffer and I’ll have to come to the comp lab in uni to do my assignments which sucks. Internet’s not free, they’ll deduct money from my account when I use the net. -__- So yeah im in the lab at the moment and I’m all wet because it has been raining non stop and I have no choice but to run to the uni to do my assignments. Nope I haven’t got and umbrella yet, yeayea I shud hav got one, all I have right now is just a jacket -.-

Other than that I got another surprise on Sunday. Went to church and I was inside doing some reading and suddenly when they said ‘Everyone come out!’ I quickly came out and there was a cake right in front of me saying ‘Happy Bday Jason’ hehe. Feel so touched! I got another cake for my bday! Weee. Really surprised that they baked me a cake… I told the pastor ‘shhhh keep it a secret’ but noooo he let it out lol. Anyway I better get back to my assignments now lots to do as I’ll be going to Sunshine coast to feed the Dolphins!!!!!! =D , for those who knows me really well knows how much I love dolphins ^_^ hope it doesn’t rain though
yea so im finally 19th... how do i feel? I feel older -__-" like my youth days are over.. but hey! I went for cg last week and a few girls there thought that i was 15-16 haha, and it doesnt matter if your age is old its the heart that counts! I still feel young hehe.

how did i spend my bday? let's see my parents came and visit me for a week...and they were leaving on my bday actually. sooo i was stayin over their place the nite before and spend time wif them till the afternoon. When i got back I went online and was immediately greeted with birthday wishes haha. I feel so loved =D , although some of my friends actually forgot -.- especially the one i expect them to remember, o well nvm.... got a few smses and calls. Not many people in Oz knows my bday but i was surprised that nel and cindy, two of my new frens i just met remembered my bday when i told them just once 2 weeks ago heh. I had CG at nite but we did sumtin diff, the cg leader knew it was my bday and instead they brought me to play tennis and got me a chocolate dutch cake *mMmm* I suck in tennis, last i played was in high school bout 4 years ago? I USED to be so into tennis and wanted to learn more but then I stopped because it was Tennis that actually ruined my Basketball career. I had tennis elbow (injury on the elbow which really hurts) for a few months. After i was healed I had never touched a tennis racket again. Well my bday wasnt that great haha but i guess the best part was the candles on my cake. It's so cool! Here's what happened
Friend: Make a wish , Blow the candles!
Me: *blow*
no more fire, 1-2 seconds later candle lights up by itself
Wondering why is the fire so strong that i coudlnt blow the fire out
Blows again
No more fire, or so i thought, 1-2 secs later it light itself up again and I saw the smirk in my friends face. Found out that the candle will light itself up again after u blow the candle! =p silly me. Well you can say that i was a bit 'sakai' i've really never seen these kinds of candle before..

anyway dont have much time to blog anymore... i have lots of assignments and studies to do .... Every week there is at least one assignemnt due in. It's kinda stressing really... but its a good thing i have seniors who are willing to help with my assignements ^^ and i try to finish it 1 week before its due.
wooo yup! i went to Dreamwold on saturday.... with the malaysian student association.. i joined the club to get to know a few malaysians in the campus. So far I have only met one malaysian whose my classmate. Yea..yea like some of my friends back in malaysia they also called me 'sesat' because of how i was born in brunei, raised and study there but im holding a malaysian passport -.- Hey! im not the only one like that! lol. Im proud to be a malaysian then again I feel like Brunei's my hometown because i was raised there all my life... Let's just say im proud to be both hahahaha. Dreamwolrd was FUN! VERY FUN! Better than genting I think.... but i still the miss the roller coater rides in Jerudong Park in brunei though they're the best! Even dreamworlds coasters cant beat that, too bad its close =( The rides were scary and awesome! Can't explain everything to if u guys wanna know come to Gold Coast, visit me and i'll bring y'all there =D oh, and the malaysians there are older than me 20+++ lol. They were surprised when they found out im 18 (turning 19 soon *23rd march Hinthint*) calling me little boy =s, why does it feel like im in INTI haha.

anyway.... I have started playing basketball again... been playing 2-3 times a week and trying to play more but its hard cos of uni stuffs so i'll try to work out my time. Gonna work hard and get my lost skillz back... its so hard! After playin one game or running up and down the court a few times im already out of breath. urgh. Neeeed toooo wooorkkk hard!

went to a christian shop the next day because the NEW United Live album: United we stand was officialy released on saturday and guess what?: It was SOLD OUT!! aiyak.. prob going to town n' get it tmrw.... hope its not sold out! lolz

"Yet now he has brought you back as his friends. He has done this through his death on the cross in his own human body. As a result, he has brought you into the very presence of God and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault, but ou msut continue to believe this truth and stand in it firmly......"- Collossians 1:22,23

dont think that you are useless, and unworthy because of your sins, because of the blood of JC, we are holy and blameless in this presence. Nothing but the blood of JC that can make us whole again, wash us pure as snow, wash away our sins and welcome as the friends of God.
okay.. so it's the 2nd week of class and i can feel the pressure coming in at me. Already I have assignment that needs to be done and due in two weeks, and I have a feeling more assignments are coming in this week. argh.... I was at foundation class yesterday and the lecturer was going thru the assignment. The first page had 10 questions that needs to be done and had to do heck lots of research to get get the answer. After 15 min of explaining the 10 questions I was relief that it was all done... or so I thought. "Okay on to part B" the lecturer said...me and my new korean friend was like 'THERES A PART B?????" what the..... there's already a lot to do in part A and we jsut found out there's a part B which was like an essay kinda thing. I feel like by the end of this semester i won't hav any hair left =s

speaking of hair... My hair is superlong now, it has already gone past my neck. I'm still thinking if i shud cut it (but its expensive) or leave it long till the end of semester which is june or july! and I'll be having a pony tail ^^ I love the current hairstlye I'm having.. lots of people was asking 'wherd u get it cut?' 'Wa, you look so much more like AhBeng/Samseng/Paikia now.' -__-" lots of people, for those who don't know me will get a first impression that i'm a bad boy.. but hey! get to know me! once you do you'll find out that I have a caring heart, i'm a nice guy =D

other than that, I started playin basketball again.. I was playing in uni and I suck bad bcos of the lack of stamina. I played 'okay' despite my lack of fitness.
Last i've played was november i think? I played a little when i was in Brunei but that didn't really count. I'm thinking of joining the basketbal club, and gonna go back to trainin mode again = in other words, take the game seriously. I know I know, for those who knew me from way back, I said that I've quited the game (i said that like 5 times i think lol) and i was gonna take it for wat it is.... A GAME... play for fun. But i don't know its just the inside of me.. boiling in there.. wanting to get out there and compete again., my hand.. its so itchy, wanting to touch the ball again.

Yeah so i'll be joinin many clubs... I've joined, The malaysian associaiton club, CF, and probably Basketball and karate.. WOAH TATS A LOT! + assignemtns, classes and many a part time job? dang.. I'll think about it........
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