Soso screwed

I’m so screwed at the moment. My laptop is busted, because of the freakin hot weather. My graphics card got overheated I guess that’s why all I see is blurs in the monitor…. Stupid Weather, stupid laptop (guess that’s the problem of getting a pirated one lol)… now I have to suffer and I’ll have to come to the comp lab in uni to do my assignments which sucks. Internet’s not free, they’ll deduct money from my account when I use the net. -__- So yeah im in the lab at the moment and I’m all wet because it has been raining non stop and I have no choice but to run to the uni to do my assignments. Nope I haven’t got and umbrella yet, yeayea I shud hav got one, all I have right now is just a jacket -.-

Other than that I got another surprise on Sunday. Went to church and I was inside doing some reading and suddenly when they said ‘Everyone come out!’ I quickly came out and there was a cake right in front of me saying ‘Happy Bday Jason’ hehe. Feel so touched! I got another cake for my bday! Weee. Really surprised that they baked me a cake… I told the pastor ‘shhhh keep it a secret’ but noooo he let it out lol. Anyway I better get back to my assignments now lots to do as I’ll be going to Sunshine coast to feed the Dolphins!!!!!! =D , for those who knows me really well knows how much I love dolphins ^_^ hope it doesn’t rain though
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Lady Knight said...

awww... how sweet... bday celebration twice!

hey dun forget to post pics of the dolphins if you get them ok? love them too! :D

jana said...

ey... what happened to your tag board?