No more blogs? We’ll see, it’s just that I’m so not good in bloggin. There are times when I feel the need to express myself, my feelings but it’s so hard! Considering that my Vocab is limited = im not good in words. So if I can’t then what’s the point of bloggin right? This MAY be my last blog…. For the moment… gonna take a break from it for awhile cos exams is just around the corner BUT I definitely will change my layout in okay? But bloggin not sure yet haha. Anyway lots of my friends are leaving to the states soon, gonna miss you guys! I really cherish the memory we had together here, all the fun and cRaZiness haha. Urm it’s just so sad when you start to make new friends, start getting closer to them and the next moment you’re leaving in a few months time? It sucks and it’s so sad……. It’s as if you want to spend more time with them a little longer……. To those who wants to do that , here’s a suggestion …. Purposely fail your exams so you’ll have to retake, that way you can still stay wif your frens hahahha. NO! Don’t do that okay! Just a thought in my mind but NO don’t EVER do that……. -_-!!

Note= haven’t officially started blogging… (I said so ! >.<) this is more like an announcement

okay so the reason i'm writing this is because LOTS of stuffs happened today. Let's start with me waking up at 8am. My class was at 10am but woke up 2 hours earlier to get dressed up, and go to the music room and carry the drums to music class which is FARRRR!!! Why am i carrying drum set? Took Music Class for fun and now im suffering because I have to attend concert (which made me feel bad , read previous post) , and now we have to do a presentation. My group was Janice, S.T and myself...... singing I will follow him and Silent Night, and for the last 2 pieces was instrumental, winter sonata and some chi songs. Jan playin the Piano, S.T= Triangle and me the Drums. Overall I think our grp didn't do that bad. The lecturer commented us that our tempo was a bit off when playing the instruments AND I HAD A GOOD VOICE =D, finally some1 saying something good about my singing BUT I have to work on my pitch. That's all. We got a 6 out of 10. which issssssssss OKAY i guess but i was hopin she'd be more generous giving a 6.5-7. Considering how much we prepared and our grp doesn't have any music background. Me, S.T and Jan played the piano til grade 2. Other grp had people who can sing, who can play well Grade 8++ the guitar aisk. I offered to play the drums cos i Learnt a little last time. One reason why we got 6 was because my singing sux.... my pitch was wrong and i screwd the tempo when i was playin the drums... soooo SORRY my dear grp members =s. *sigh* i suck, I'm not talented in music, not smart, not talented in sports, not good in this and that..... what the heck am I good at??? nothing.. im so useless

after presentation, our Econs class was cancelled. So we went to the Lab and kill time using the net for 2 hours haha. Urm thing was when we are using the lab rules was that we had to put our bags at the back ( they scared we steal thier comp stuffs) anyway we did la. After killin time at the Lab we had another 2 hours of freakin music class. At that time one of my fren who went wif me to the Lab found out that the money in the wallet was missing! It was prob tat that time while we were usin the net at d lab. There were 2 suspicious ppl though, but i cant remmeber their faces. IF I CATCH THEM.........see what i';ll do to them. Point IS... I HATE THIEVES! I lost 80 bucks in brunei when i was playin ball in JIS. I know the feeling of losin cash and now i feel so terrible for my fren and i can;t do anything much.... I just hope that the person who stole the money. 'Enjoy the money, and surely in awhile somethings bad gona happen to you that's for sure.'

There was this orientation night thing at night. We have that every semester. It;s where the freshmen are chosen to participate to be one of the models and win the Mr and Ms Inti. The models for guys are... well... screw them lol, i dont look at guys >.< For the gals allof them are hot and pretty. In short this monoglian girl won and she is HOT, Sizzling HOT! woo. If y'all want the pics pm me, i'll send it to you lol. dang. anyway waste of my time goin there jsut to watch catwalk and some performances =s

phew lots of stuffs happening... okay im gona go DOTA before i sleep...take care people. AND I can't believe i wrote that much???? (this will be the last time im bloggin, Serious!)

FYI, I'm NOT bloggin okay. Just writing some stuffs because I just woke up froma nap and getin ready to go 4 ballroom dancing lessons. Okay i spent over Rm500 in 2 weeks.... why? 2 weeks ago I went to Johor and I spent 200... i can't believe just goin there for 2 days can spend that much? Last week I have this Orchestra concert to go to which is compulsory for everyone in music class. We had to attend and listen to the cocert for 2 days... which lasted about 1 hour+.
The orchestra was good, very good. I was actually inspired wathcing the people play.... esp the flutist and the pianist... the flute and piano are the two instruments i wanted to learn most. I really regretted quitin my piano lessons. Watching Ivo Pogorelich and Akiko Nakamura play the piano really inspired me to play the piano even more. The way they express themselves when playin was so unique. Ivo has lighting fast hands when he was playing. It was as if time had been fast forward when he was playin heh. Akiko, was the one that really inspired me, she was graceful, lovely, inspiring when she was playing. Sad really.... it's to late for me to learn.

anyways I spent 200+ as well just to find a place to stay in KL with my frens and then I could'nt control myself and spent 100 on clothes -_-" (some1 help me!) seriously i wont be shoppin until my exams are over! anyhow the food in KL are whack as well.... T_T so yeah that's why I had to spend so much! ad now what? This Week... it's advanced room booking week. I hav to draw money and book my room for semester break.... not only that this weeked i'll be goin down KL to cut my hair (my hair is freakin long). Haven't cut in 2 months ++ sad... that's gona cost a lot. I'm pooor now wahhaa.

p.s- dis is not a blog.

p.p.s- i wont be bloggin anymore , not until my exams finishd anyway. There MIGHT b a new . might ok.. im so lazy to blog

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