I remember people saying to me that they love my passion and zeal for God. How it inspires them and wants some of that passion for themselves. I'm always in passionate in my worship, prayer and everything I do for God.... However somewhere aorundthis year I have never been so down in my life, I have never experienced this in my 5 years as a christian. Like a marathon we give up once we are out of breath, or we feel that our legs can't move on anymore and we give up. I felt like giving up, felt like throwing in the towel and say 'okay I give up, I can't do this anymore'. The pressures of life, of people, money and the sense that everything is meaningless begins to set in. Where is my passion and purpose?

I believe that this statement I read from an article is true.. it says

People quit because they no longer believe in what they are doing.

I did not believe that I could make a difference
I did not believe that I could make an impact in an individual life
I did not believe that God loves me
I did not believe in my dreams
I did not believe in my destiny
I was drained and weary
...almost to the point where I decide to just drop everything and be a spectator or heck even change church for a season. (nothing against my church) just felt like running away

It took awhile, but thanks to God and my best friend and the most beautiful angel that God sent me (Baby Angela). She had to put up with all my complaints, pmsing and lack of passion, but with all her encouragement I managed to pull through. Seriously this girl is amazing.

God has been speaking to me about my mind, the thoughts that I think and along with the 'seasons' of my life. You see Jesus had to go through a season in his life where he had to be tested in the wilderness. Jesus was tested in His Identity and His Destiny (all these from Angela, see how amazing she is??) and resisting the temptation, the devil flees THEN the Holy Spirit came on him with Power. Are we utilising the Power of the HS in our life because the bible says the devil left Jesus until annother opportunity comes and when that time comes we have to overcome it with the power of the Holy Spirit.

We have seasons of spring time where there are dancing and singing with full of grace
or the summer season where we are tempted and needing to overcome like Jesus was in the wilderness
or the Autumn where we will begin to reap the fruits of what we sowed
or Winter season where we feel like losing our faith, and everything is just cold, even our hearts are cold.

No matter what season we are in. The key lies in the power of Praise, to praise God when you do not see it, to Praise God when you don't feel like it. why? because God is good and His love never fails even if we fail because when we are unfaithful, He is faithful. (2 Tim 2:13) He is our Hope, the anchor for our souls. That's just who He is. Know that God is out there holding YOU in His hands.

You can hope, you can rise, you can stand
He's still got the whole world in His hands-
33 Miles, Arms that Hold the Universe

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