80's night rocked and for those of you that didn't come you guys missed out =P I'm a 90's guy (born late 80's) and I can't believe we still managed to get people who was mostly from the 90's to dance lol. anyhow here are some pics... and remember I said i wanted to dress as those dudes in my previous post? I think I kinda overdid it and dressed up as...........


Got Jon to dressed up as KISS as well and we rocked the party that night, we're so cool :) haha. The cost to hire the costume was a bit expensive but was all worth it , cos we liven up the party and I won the best 'thriller' dance and best dressed award.

dats me doin the thriller dance :P

Kaleidoscope club is having their final event of the semester! Edge of the 80's Night on the 29th of May! No It's not an event where we come dress as if we're 80 years old. We're turning the clock back to the 80's!! Honestly, I don't know much about the 80's (although I was born in the late 80's) thats why we call it EDGE of the 80's with a hint of the 90's as well!

Come to de-stress before exams, have a fun time partayiinnn and there will be prizes for best dressed, best singer (karaoke), best dancer and some awesome games :)

Tickets are only- $10 for Kaleidoscope member and $15 for non members. Foods are included =) so if you are interested pls contact me either thru FB, This blog or my phone number.

(and I'm trying to dress like this if possible)
It so fitting that we were playing this song today for church today.... We wanted to see soul saved, we wanted to see a revival happening in the lives of people, we wanted to see God move and more people rise up....

wow! God is really moving, we are literally seeing miracles happening every week, and now we're seeing souls getting saved, even tonight! wow!! After all those weeks of going to uni and sharing the gospel, sowing the seeds I believe the harvest are coming in after prayers and now we're reaping it.

I was so encouraged today with many of the people's response when Belle gave the altar call for people who are willing to take the stand and build the Church of Hope Gold Coast together and their response kneeling down, crying and responding to God really really touched and encouraged me. It reminded the first year I got to church and responded the same way wanting to build this church. When I came in there was like what? 8-10 people every week but now wow.. we're really growing seeing the Passion of God n passion for Loving people there, growing from 10 to 15 to 30 to 45 now and we're believing for 60 good quality people! Looking back, I guess I have grown a lot in attitude,character and spiritually althought there are still lots of holes to work on. If I had to judge myself I would say I haven't grown as much as I would have hoped because of some mountains and road blocks I had to face in my journey. Yes it is a process and I rather go forward then move backwards so with all these young generation responding to God ... I can't help but not 'lose' to them in a way because it made me realized how slack I am especially with all the responsiblites I'm getting now.... God I need your strength =)

Gos is moving, God is moving
Can you hear the sound Of revival....
Still searching for a new job its been many months now since I got back on Feb, I can't believe how time flies so fast. It's already May and I have worked in McD for a month. I know the job market is quite bad and I'm really not gonna let that bug me down. I have learnt in the midst of these all I can say is I'm going to be still and know that He is God.

I used to think what does it mean to 'be still'? in Hebrew it means râphâh literally means
to slacken. forsake, leave, let alone. In other words, to be weak. I have learn that through this I know that I'm nothing and God is everything, without Him I can do nothing. I have learnt through the midsts of trouble times ,learn to surrender yourselves to God for He knows and cares for us, basically going 'ok God I i'm going to leave this in your hands, you're in control'

It's just been a time of faith stretching and time to seek God and honestly it hasn't been easy. Yes I have been disappointed and discouraged but I have learnt to not let that weigh me down but know that He is Good. I'm still believing , waiting patiently and shine =)
It was my mum's birthday a few days ago and today is Mother's day. Till now I call her 'Mi' (pronounce Mee).

When I was born my mum loved me, cared for me cos I was such a cute and naughty baby

When I was 3 mum thought I was cute also cos I took care and loved my newborn siblings

When I was 4 I was running naked with my pants at the end of my feet. mum went 'don't run you'll hurt yourself' BOOM!! fell down and my head started to bleed had to go to hospita

When I was 6 I got blamed a lot by my mum cos I was the oldest and my annoying twin siblings always got me in trouble

When I was 10 Mum hated me and didn't have confidence in me so she sent me to Prison... *cough* I meant tuition and it was hell.......

12-18 was the age I became a rebellious teenager, always having fights and arguments with mum, saying NO! Whenever I asked her If I could go gadong netcom (cybercafe) cos she was so afraid I would be smoking and turn emo there.

I always tried to suck up to her but shes no sucker and never fell for it.

I remembered, She hid the computer cable so i cant use the computer

I remembered she even hid the PS1 cable and because of that I had to buy a fake cable and blew my PS1.

Oh, I forgot to mention till 18 I was always getting hit by the rotan or cane -.-

Despite all the fights and arguments we had, I knew she did it all because mum loved and cared for me....... obviously I didn't understand why back then but now I do and I appreciate every bit of it (except for the eat my vegetables bit). Definately an awesome cook, and fed me really well :) Someone who is I guess humble in my eyes because she doesn't want any present or anyone to celebrate her bday all she wants is just to stay and relax at home, always willing to help those whos in need and looking out for predators that might eat her children up.....

I don't know if any of you guys experienced this but whenver I asked my dad for something he'll go 'ask your mum' wow.... isn't dad supposed to be the head of the house? turned out that my short mum became the lion of the house =.= anyway Happy Mother's Day!!! Altho you're in your early 50's you're still young at heart and stil love posing the for camera... your good son took it well from you HAHA

O crap.......... was browsin my email for some old stuffs yesterday and guess I stumbled upon this stupid email (2003) that I wrote, and boy was my eyes like this O_O I never knew my english was that 'manglish!!!' geez... it was a long email so I just some bits and pieces.

urm urm since holiday trying to find a job so can earn $$ but then haiya im not bruneian so hard to find work.. hai~ nvm stil hav othe things to do, i play game play game, play until sien already my (oh me broke already )

eh oh ya i watch chinese drama i borrowed wah lau so many then then i watch the cartoon(anime) i bought from KL in august hehe so many wahhh. i bought so many till broke Hunter X OVA(so many), slam dunk (hehe), boys be, lv hina, tales of eternia, shaman king aiyoo i still bought so many more, hai~~ my hse so cupboard full already ,at least i can watch all these in 3 months man bleh and and cannot miss out me playing basketball hehe, intensive training now, during exam didnt get to paly for 4 weeks man, i gained some weight then again my skill all go down so ah now train train lo

erm erm i think i wrote enuf, oh ya some of u must be thinking tat 'why is this guy telling me all these holiday stuff' eh i bored le and soo siau liam a bit lo

ok I think I'll stop there.... I can't believe I was using the word siau liam, hai~ ,leh actually the whole sentence structure was just awful -_-

on a side note... I'm having adrenaline rush and butterflies in my tummy during band practice yesterday.. I'm finally playing in Church with Elmo ^^
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