okay.. so it's the 2nd week of class and i can feel the pressure coming in at me. Already I have assignment that needs to be done and due in two weeks, and I have a feeling more assignments are coming in this week. argh.... I was at foundation class yesterday and the lecturer was going thru the assignment. The first page had 10 questions that needs to be done and had to do heck lots of research to get get the answer. After 15 min of explaining the 10 questions I was relief that it was all done... or so I thought. "Okay on to part B" the lecturer and my new korean friend was like 'THERES A PART B?????" what the..... there's already a lot to do in part A and we jsut found out there's a part B which was like an essay kinda thing. I feel like by the end of this semester i won't hav any hair left =s

speaking of hair... My hair is superlong now, it has already gone past my neck. I'm still thinking if i shud cut it (but its expensive) or leave it long till the end of semester which is june or july! and I'll be having a pony tail ^^ I love the current hairstlye I'm having.. lots of people was asking 'wherd u get it cut?' 'Wa, you look so much more like AhBeng/Samseng/Paikia now.' -__-" lots of people, for those who don't know me will get a first impression that i'm a bad boy.. but hey! get to know me! once you do you'll find out that I have a caring heart, i'm a nice guy =D

other than that, I started playin basketball again.. I was playing in uni and I suck bad bcos of the lack of stamina. I played 'okay' despite my lack of fitness.
Last i've played was november i think? I played a little when i was in Brunei but that didn't really count. I'm thinking of joining the basketbal club, and gonna go back to trainin mode again = in other words, take the game seriously. I know I know, for those who knew me from way back, I said that I've quited the game (i said that like 5 times i think lol) and i was gonna take it for wat it is.... A GAME... play for fun. But i don't know its just the inside of me.. boiling in there.. wanting to get out there and compete again., my hand.. its so itchy, wanting to touch the ball again.

Yeah so i'll be joinin many clubs... I've joined, The malaysian associaiton club, CF, and probably Basketball and karate.. WOAH TATS A LOT! + assignemtns, classes and many a part time job? dang.. I'll think about it........
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Lady Knight said...

glad to know that at least you're starting to cope in Aust! what prog are you taking anyway?

sure they throw A LOT of work at you... like jez said, they're born WILD!!! wa... so many clubs! have to manage time...

go back to basketball man! it'll do you good... long hair??? o_O

*looks away* i dunno him...

joking... upload a photo of your hair and i'll be your judge... why don't you cut your own hair? ;)