I admit it! guilty!!!

Okay! I admit it! I started watching America's Next Top Model recently (OMGOSH!!) and have got hooked into it.. ( I blame Olivia for transferring her Cycle 9 to my hardisk)

It's pretty interesting to watch actually, not because of the girls but how Tyra picked certain individuals and from the first glance you'll go 'Are you blind girl?? She ain't model material' but after that you'll see them changed to wonderful models, and how Tyra was right to pick them. I found out two things about myself from watching the show, one is that I find that I started complimenting people more without thinking (influenced from J.Alexander and Jay) and the other part I found out which was kinda weird was that these two contestant were the one that caught my eye in the first episode and found myself rooting for them and loving them. Problem was these two girls are pretty unique and different.

Heather Kuzmich (first pic) and Allision Harvard (2nd pic), both are Art majors, both are shy and doesn't talk much, both were teased by people but in the end showed that they are better than other snoobish girls.

Heather was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome ,a mild form of Autism that hinders her social interaction and verbal communication especially in crowds but I really admire how she made it to the top 5 in Cycle 9. She loves technology and especiall Video/PC games =)

Allison is best known for he wide eye that looks like a 'freakish doll' or bride of Chucky, she has a fascination with nosebleeds. She's the runner up in Cycle 12

The weirdest part of all? Both has this ghostly, gothic, very tim-burton's-ish kinda look and I reckon they will do very well in Twilight movies =P So why do I find myself likin them and rootin for them compared to other girls? I don't know really.... I guess I have a weird fascination like them after all ^_^"

Trivia =) ... Believe it or not.. But I did modelled before for B.U.M Equipment when I was 10 =)
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