new skin =) and stupid me

note: tagboard is in the heart section =)

wooo finally a new skin for my blog!!!!!!!!!! what do u think?? comments comments hehe. i was like hmm my old skin was 'blah' nutin much simple and dark + i wanted to do sumtin about the pic but i dont know how and no one can help =( so here it is! i like it cos it firstly it has guitar!! one of my passions hehe, and the sentence 'strummin my guitar ..nothing brings me closer to heaven' which is true but me learning the guitar, and building me up to be a worship leader, its one of my passion to see people touch heaven and feel God's presence =)

accounting exam just finished and it was alright, not that bad, pass is a confirm but gettin good grades not sure yet. i did study with a fever last night and tired eyes. yeayea my fault cos i was playin games at nite till 4-5AM and didn't have enough sleep lol. but hey! slept early last nite just to have enuf energy to do the exam! haha.

oh and im being such an idiot! (WARNING: symptom of Bananache XD) two nights ago my msn was screwd up, i couldnt see any emo and i was wondering why? i tot it mite be the so many (tu) (tu) (turtle) emos that is screwin up msn ahha. i reinstalled msn today and guess what? it was the same no emos. But then, for some reason i wasnt thinkin but just foolin around wif MSN and I went to options and found out that 'DISPLAY EMOTIONS TICK BOX WAS EMPTY' yeaaa that explains it! now whos gonna explain who unticked the box? haha

btw added note, i was doing my quiet time before i check msn and playin around with it. so i guess wakin up, do ur quiet time first in the morning before u do anything else, dont leave it til later and ur day will be more effective haha. well i wouldn't really imagine to have wisdom this morning playin around wif my msn and working what the problem was if i hadn't done my quiet time heh. glory!

aight im off to work ....... money!!!!! hehe
much luv

p.s someone help with my tag board!!!!!!! its in the lefty but i wanna move it to the righty? how?? help!!!!! =((
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