one year one time

haha i haven't got that for a long time some1 askin me to update my blog lol. not many come here waaa so wats the point of updating =p so cacat man, my internet goes down at the time ... usually it goes down at night and comes up again at 12.30am but then last night it went down and never came up till this morning, at times the internet would go down in the afternoon as well.. sucks man!! ugh =

anyway since the internet has been down i've been renting DVD. Watching one everynite, i was watching 'Just friends' a couple of nights ago, it was a movie Leonard introduced to me earlier this year but I didn't get to see it till now... anyway the movie is about this high school guy and girl who are best friends but then the guy has feelings for the girl, wanting to be more than just friends while the girl wants to be 'just friends'. sounds familiar? yeah i think so, happens a lot esp to us guys *sigh* reminds me of my friends and I on what happened in the past lol. anyway in the movie this guy quoted something which i think is fairly true lol. 'In the friend zone, the girls decides you're her friend and no longer a dating option, you become like a bro or a lamp' LOL. True no? well in the end they got together anyway which is good... (hmmmmm *thinking*) anyway its a very fun n romantic comedy.

yeah anyway today i've been out the whole day in the city (surfers paradise). Decided to get a haircut with my friend since I forgot that i cant grow long hair workin in a restaurant ,especially in the uni where i'm being assessed... with that hair of mine i don't think im gonna pass LOL. yeah i wanted to try and grow long hair and tie that pony tail thing, just wanted to try for once but too bad i couldn't, especially it'll be a hassle washing the hair and easier to get dandruffs ewww. well i posted some pics of my new haircut and urm hmmmm im gonna miss my tiger stripe haha. oh since my hair has highlight only, after the cut it looks really ugly so i have no choice but to dye my hair , now its brown with a bit of my 'tiger' stripes highlight hehe.

went to the arcade after and man I MISS arcades, but the arcade in Gold coast sucks, no nice games , mostly outdated and its freakin expensive. played a few games anyway just for fun. After that went shoppin around the area and bought some gifts for friends back home haha. (so if y'all nice u mite get one LOL) yeah i bought the gifts now cos i dont think i'll be goin out anymore due to assignments and exams. OH AND GUESS WHAT?????????? i was shopping right? and i went into a couple of stores owned by Japanese, and every single one of them spoke jap to me thinking im a japanese lol. ' heck even this aussie girl who works in the jap restaurant spoke jap wif me. -_-
there was one part where my friend went into the shop and this lady spoke japense with him ' Irashaimasu!... dadadadaa' and he just pretend he didn't hear and just look at stuffs LOL. the lady was wondering why he didn't reply and went to talk to her friend about us and i heard her told her friend that are we jap or not, so i went over and said....
'No we're not japanese we're malaysians' in japanese
and she said 'wooo! so u can speak japanese? (in jap)'
'sukoshii ( a little), ima watashiwa nihongo benkyo-shimasu( im now learning jap) i replied
then she went "JOZUU!!!' (meaning great) hahaha
then she went and spoke english 'cos you two look like japanese =p' i guess learning japanese pays off haha, gonna get better at it ! and in total spent $100+++ today .... damn it, thats a lot.... buyin gifts, cut/dye hair and arcade lol. nvm like the old chines saying 'yi nian yi chi' one year one time hahhaa.

well what a hectic beat gonna go rest a bit then go sheperding. =.=
God Bless
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