a lil short testimony =)

hmmm i just got back from work, and i just finished my dinner and now chatin wif leonard, banana and weiwei and i also just got off the fone wif my mum. Cos i luv my hair color so much i wanted to show her, cos it looked like the color and highlight she had that i admired few months ago. instead i got scoldin from her... "WHY U DYE UR HAIR AH! HOW MUCH? U DYE TO SHOW OFF IS IT? SHOW TO UR GF IS IT??"
-_______-" haha wat la -.- bad move jason

anyway u see this saturday morning i woke up at 11am and i slept at 1.30am, thats like 8+ hours of sleep no? i shud be alright but somehow middle of the afternoon i felt sososo tired.. my eyes were heavy , i started to become blur and lag... shud be the side effects of the tiredness from friday haha. yeah anyway i was really and i mean REALLY blur. i met mildred on the bus on the way to work and i was so blur man. she was telin me stuffs and i always answered wrongly thinking the question the wrong way and such. then i got to work, i was slow to process as well , my fren was tellin me what to do and not to do , and i was like 'huh?....... thinks for 5 sec, can u repeat again?' took me quite awhile to process stuffs u see. lol and im at work! what if i take wrong order and accidentaly spill stuffs? might sound nothing here but trutfully i was really really tired+blur+lagging man.

so what did i do? lol. Prayed to God asked Him to give me strength and not to screw up. and i rememberd the chapter when David was called to be a King but before he was a king he was still doing his errands for his dad and king Saul. even his called to be a king but not yet a king he didn;t have the attitude of "oh yeah, im called to be a king, i dont need to do these errands blabla!' instead Dave has a positive attitude in doing everything.

So that came into my mind and instead of grumbling and complaining about work, do your best, have a postive attitude! If you can't even do these small things properly how can you do greater things? So yeah, turns out that i worked from 7pm-11pm longer cos i usually end at 10ish but that 4 hour seemed so short and things to go as fast as usual for some reason lol. I guess giving ur best attitude and doing ur best even though I was blur and REALLY tired today really helped. Thru that I was so blessed today let's see i never got personal tips but I did and it was my first time today woo! I got a total of $8 personal tips for ME! hahaha thank God

what happened was these 2 hot aussie chicks on table 15
they started takin orders then askin me to teach them do the 'flower' origami from the napkins
and while i was doin the origami, we had a short convo about work and i told them it sux here cos i get a peanut of $10 an hour which is illegal cos im 19 and i shud get more than that esp in a restaurant and after that i swear that these chicks dont even want other waiters except me, to help them bring their food, open wine , etcetc. keepin an eye on me whenever they need me. and so i got personal tips lol tips i got $3.20 they even said 'i'll put in a good word for you :)'

table 16 is this 2 couples at about age of 40's i think?
i was asking what they would like to order and then after that they were asking me some questions. and so i answered them then suddenly the lady went
'where'd u get the american accent?'
i was like hah? 'oh, just probably grew up watching american TV' haha
then she said 'oh Good on ya =)'
LOL american accent -.- damn american tv lol
then after takin care of table 15, the lady said 'We can see that you're takin good care of the table with the 2 gourgeous ladies there, but what about us?' so i said 'oh ... i take good care of u guys too, anything u want i'll take care of it for u, even better than them' and the husband just makes this joke of his own a couple of times and i just laughed, not bcos i have to but i think it was funny too n got a personal $5 tip!! . anyway what i learnt is that customer relationship is important, got to smile, and interact with the customer, more importantly put on a good attitude for work even though u dun like it ( i dont like to work either) but when u start puttin that good attitude you'll notice how u will enjoy doing it.. and see where it got me? I got blessed today with $11 (including restaurant tips) Glory!

so yeah... i hope y'all can learn from my experience as i learnt it from the great King David =p ok im i typed this really really fast.... cos im gonna go DOTA !! wee! there goes my sleep hahaha
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