i have nothing to say

i have nothing to say really........................ I was so excited that i got my PSP! yeah! PSP! i got it off EBAY for $300 with 3 games + 1 umd dvd and i guess its alright... better than buyin it in retail shop. anyway i was so happy that i went home and started playin it awesome! and then what? you see this PSP they have this memory card to store your save games and its a unique PSP SD CARD. yeah its different than the mini sd card and thing was i wanted to transfer some files to my card and i don know.. call me blur, stupid, dimwitted, idiot but i wasnt thinking right and my laptop has a card reader you see, BUT it only reads the normal sd card u put a MINI SD card or PSP SD card and it'll get stuck and can never get out. yayaya you gueesed it i put in the damn PSP SD CARD into the card reader slot and after it went in i pacicked! thers no way i can get it out anymore... and i panicked more and i pushed the card inwards again, i dont know why but i just did, i tried to get my card out my unscrewin the screws and tryin to dismantle my laptop hoping to get the card out but i wasn't even close i was having problem dismantlin the laptop *sigh* great. i just got my PSP today and i was so excited, now my card is stuck i cant even play the games now... ARGH!#*$#*($&#$%#$*$%**!#@ ignore me , im a little frustrated, how stupid i can be? and i just hurt my toe , the same toe i injured durin surfin because my room was so messy. MEH!

im ok really... need to sabar and get a sd card when i go back not gettin it here in aus cos its expensive.

and my good fren leonard look what he says when i told him wat happned

-!(L.e.o)!- says (11:51 PM):
-!(L.e.o)!- says (11:51 PM):
clever dude lol
-† Tiger †- says (11:51 PM):
-† Tiger †- says (11:51 PM):
not funny
-† Tiger †- says (11:52 PM):
il kick ur arse
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