two of my babies 'gone' - period

well if you've read my previous blog you will know how I lost one of my baby the PSP due to the fact that i was dumb that i inserted the card in the sd card which doesn't even fit and in the end got stuck.

Funny how today, it was my first time playin the guitar for church and I've played it once n CG but this is church u know and I was very excited, playin the guitar for my first time in church wow. Practice yesterday and today was fun but when the P&W session started man, it was the first song and not even reached the chorus yet and 'snapped!' sumtin hit my face and found out that it was my guitar string that broke sigh. so sad, i had to try and play w/o the 3rd string. was able to do it but coudln't after that. sad lol. first my psp then now my guitar, how sad is that? =s at least i can get the string fixed, i guitar's gone-period

Snapped, my 3rd string gone

and here it is my card stuck in that freakin hole =

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