running out of time

assignment is due next friday, 2k words, employment relations and the topic is i dont even know it myself and what to write??? i've been procrastinating for the past few days. wanted to do it on monday but i had this meeting so i couldn't do it, wanted to do it on tuesday but my fren wanted to play PSP in uni and so didn't do assignment ,yesterday went to watch a movie, talladega nights , a very funny movie its worth watchin it haha. anyway we went to watch the 2.30 movie and apparently there wasn't any 2.30 movie and my friend who bought the tickets got the 4pm one (which we didn't see) so we went into the theatre and 5 min later, was the credit, we tought it was some kinda joke that the movie is making but turns out to be really the credit -_- lol. so we had 1 our free and we dont wanna walk around the mall, so we just hung around the theatre AND snuck into other theathre which was showin other movie, doesn't matter if it's halfway or just started cos we had nutin to do and so we watched a free movie for 1 hour hahaha. *ahem* yes they dont have anyone outside each theatre to cehck ur tickets they only check ur tickets on the main hall hoho. yea we were watching the movie till 4pm and went straight to watch talladega nights cool huh? hahaha dont follow my example ppl XD

anyway went to play badminton just now, was kinda fun, havent played it in ages and i needed some exercise anyway havent been exercising for ages besides puttin in heavy chairs and tables after work and washin my clothes. I must admit i stil got some skillz for badminton , im just average and i dont suck haha. so yeah tats it no assignment done and im still stuck. tomorrows friday and im free, REALLY gonna spend tat time doin my assginment... help me O_O
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