farewell Jeanny

Jeanny we're gonna miss you , you've been an awesome sister and your spirit of excellence has inspired us all. Im not gonna say goodbye cos Im gonna see you in Malaysia in a few months, we want you back hereeeeee =( im not a person good with words but all I wanna say is Im thankful for a sister like you, and Im surely gonna miss you loads

oh and this is so random to post this but it crack me up lol

I was asking piggie why has she not read my blog and here's her reply

u didnt read mine

angie (: says (9:38 PM):
angie (: says (9:38 PM):
now i am

2 minutes later

angie (: says (9:40 PM):
wat's yr blog again?


oh and piggie blogged about it too on http://dumdeedum-angie.blogspot.com/ with more details lol

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