I've never ever fished before in my life the only time I can remember was when I was very young and my friends dad would bring me to the longkang and we used a net to catch the fishes and I kept the fish as a pet. That was the only time i went 'fishing' however today, I went fishing for the very first time and man was I excited! Started fishing at about 10am and ended at 2pm I think? Yea that was how long I was down under the sun, I think I got a little darker. Anyway the cool thing is we get to eat the fish we caught and as a group of 12 we had about 30 fishes, including the small one we caught and had to put them back to the water so they can grow.
Most interesting part? I had to help cut the fish, and gut it out. taking the inside of the fish and clean it, ewwww, with my hands again. Back when I was young my mum cooked fish everyday and I got sick of it. But this is the first time I actually enjoyed my BBQ fish in tarta sauce (other than fish n chips)

p.s- o yea my hair all black now FINALLY! one of the aussie aunties in the church asked me , oh so u dyed ur haird black? Cos i dye my hair so much the ppl here dont even know what my natural hair color is but im gonna keep it black till feb then dye again hoho.

My Pastor who organised everything lol

Belle and Jocy

Yup my teamate caught the first fish woot

Fabian very kesian, had to run around taking pics for ppl who had caught fish and because of that he managed to catch one only lol

This guy, dam pro, catch almst close to 10 dunno how he does that My FIRST FISH!!!
3rd Fish baby!
Ok this is the guttin out bit, its already cleaned so its ok, all the guts are on the floor

Chimbira and Renee, Renee also pro, caught a lot
Ok this little pony is very cute not until shortly after he turned around and started POOPING right in front of us ewwwwwwwwww.

I love fishing, I go back brunei go catch all the fishes in Kampong Ayer wahahaha

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