Invincible Church Camp

The invincible church camp was just awesome, people's lives were touched and changed and you know what? for a pioneering church that has been around for 2 years ,with just 23 people at the camp and all we have is just a guitar and a keyboard, the camp was still awesome. God was moving in the place, awesome teaching, and u know its not always the glamorous stuffs that makes the camp exciting. We were practically camping at a log cabin, did jungle tracking, LOTS of FLIES , monkey poo on the grass, had a wonderful time fellowshiping and of course good food =)

Theme was an overcoming church and basically, things/sins that we have to overcome in our lives, be it big or little, even 'little' things like our stinky attitude, overcoming our fears of stuffs, sins that we have been struggling. Don't you feel there are times where u try to overcome this sin in your lives or this situation or fear and its just not working out? yeah this is what the camps about, to be Invincible! To be an overcomer, theres just to much to share in this blog, im just gonna post some pics. but here's just a small portion of what I got from the camp Isaiah 26:19 , basically talks about how we must overcome the enemy, that we might sometimes feel comdemn, or just spiritually dead but God is saying, 'Hey you might see bones, But I seen an ARMY, I called you to be an overcomer for the spirit is with you, put on the armor of God for greater is He that is in us that Greater is he that is in this world! Rise up!'

you see bones, but I see an Army! anyway here are some pics enjoy =)

Doing the hakka, all blacks wannabes rofl
Thats my grp right there!

Is this cool or what? did this using sparklers

My team we the best woot!

Thats about it we had taken 200+ pics but theres just to much to post lol.

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