In airport

So I've just reached KL (12.30am) , and I'm at the airport now till my next flight which is 7am. If only the flight wasn't delayed I could've rushed to the hotel and slept there. So Here I am in Coffe Bean using free internet and I have no idea what to do now, probably start playin games on my laptop yea haha.

Oh yeah new blogskin, cos its' Christmas and I think it's fitting to change the skin, I know its plain but I like it and I'm gonna stick with this forawhile till I find another good one or that my friend make me one *hint* ;) haha.

KL= Shopping
Penang= FOOD!! EAT EAT
and I can't wait to find my new gf in a few days woot!

31st December= Thailand Mission Trip

And a Very Merry Christmas to y'all hohoho.

- Goes and play game -
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