Beskietball #$%@

My friend called me up just one day before to ask if I could play for his team. In case you all dont know there's a basketball tournament in Batu Bersurat and I'm part of the team , check the chinese newspaper tomorrow or the day after, my pic and the team will be there =)

Okay, so its been ages since I've last played, I used to love Basketball and Played it like crazy at least 3 hours a day. Truth is ever since I've gone to Aus I've stopped playin basketball and even Karate. Anywayyyyy we lost badly 40+ to 100+ HAHAHA. Now I understand why my friend asked me to play because the team had kids who were born in the 90's and very inexperienced. There was even one cocky kid who think his so good, and got to the point I know he disresepcted me as a player. ish.welcome to the basketball world where everyone thinks they're so great and to the point where they disrespect you .... why am I always in an unorganised last minute formed team, from the time I was in JIS until now... I dont like it at all. Blah its just me blabbering about basketball again.

I'm a bit pissed at myself for not exercising, it wasn't until today I woke up and did jogging and played basketball at 3pm and the game was at 8.30pm. Wasn't enough to get my stamina back.
Frustrated- at being lazy and not exercising, lesson learnt, get my fat arse and exercise!!! Oh and I remember writing a whole long page about my basketball journey in my very very first post in the archives section... memories -_-

*runs out and plays guitar alone*

Other than that went to the mall and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks with Banana few days ago. Very very funny!! I love the songs and their cute sounds!! haha. A movie worth watching for this christmas season =) After that just tagged along with Banana shopping and helping her carry stuffs haha. Haven't shoped like that for awhile already but it was fun heh.
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