I love thai!!

was supposed to sleep but then Banana reminded me to blog so I have blog with my heavy eyes, I think tmrw I'm gonna have panda eyes @_@ dun whack me haha

nyeehhhh I finally got a job!! and guess what? Its in a Thai restaurant!! (again) -_-"

anyhow not complaining, you had no idea how frustrated I was when I submitted my resume to so many places and no call... then I saw one sign 'Waiter+Waitress needed imediately!' at surfers which was about 30 min form my place, was far but I needed a job + $$. I wanted to go in the shop and submit my resume right but then this China girl outside, stopped me and asked where was I from so I said 'malaysia' If I said Brunei then they sure think im either Alien or Im a chinese-middle eastern guy. met korean lady boss ,

(note: It was tuesday)
Korean lady: Come Interview tomorrow wednesday 5pm
Me: Oh I cant make it, how about Thursday?
Korean lady: no, not today, Wednesday
Me: no thursday not wednesday
Korean lady: yaya wednesday!
Me: No, thurrrsss-dayyyy NOT tuesday!!
Korean lady: okok (which of course I had a feeling she didnt understand wat I was saying) kns

anyway I ddint go on wed and went on thursday, I went alllll the way there but I found out the Lady boss wasnt there and the SAME china girl was there ready to interrogate me again, she was kinda rude again zzzz. I told her I submited my resume already and Im here for interview, then she told me boss not in and she started acting like boss herself

China girl: 'Where You stay??'
Me: Arundel ( which was far like i said 30 min bus ride to that place)
Then she gave me that 'uh-oh you're so far, dont think boss gonna hire you' . I realized wat she was thinking so I told her I worked at broadbeach before which was 45 min from my place + the boss asked me for interview, whos the boss zzzz. anyway in the end I asked her to tell the boss to give me a call and of course in the end no call. Gave up after that incident

But Thank God , He blessed me with a Job that is just 6 min bus ride form my place to the place and 15min walk which isnt that bad cos I really need that exercise haha =P The boss is very nice, they treat everyone at work like family, everyone eat togehter, close shop and go back together and she pays reasonably well better than the place I worked in before. So another Thai restaurant and what was the difference other than the place I worked in before?
1.) Food WAYYYY BETTER, own my malaysian guy+thai wife
2.) WAYyyy cheaper
3.) Treated as a family
4.) pays wayyyy Better

and u know whats funny? It turns out that my boss here centuries ago wanted to work for my previous boss but him being so stingy offered to pay $350 a week as CHEF??? c-mon! thats crap la. if me i quit also. So he quited the job and started his own restaurant which is the restaurant im working for now haha and when the boss offered to send me home he was basically crappin a lot aobut my previous boss on how Thai ppl cant cook, He and my previous boss had a fight, not talk fight but fist fight, His restaurant business louya and theirs is way better (which is true btw) blablabla lots more. so funny how the restaurant I worked with before had such a loving relationship wif the thai resturant I worked with now

only problem I have is that the ppl all speak mandarin there, mainly canto! dieeee I cant converse well in mandarin, I mean I can speak and understand but going to deep conversation thats a no, hard to make close friends then my previous job now =(
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