For Krystal

There we go!!! New layout, I hope it was better than the previous one =.=" I still don't get it why nobody liked the previous one -_- it was plain and simple which is good I think haha. Why is there a girl/angel there I don't know. but a good friend JaQ went to all the trouble to create this pic for me so Thank You! Then Banana went and finished the layout for me ,Thank You! People like me is just useless in this kind of thing hehe.
I guess that girl/angel symbolises Krystal, my first love whom I met a year ago, where I first fell in love with the guitar and she has brought me this far playin with her side by side. So i deticate this to you Krystal my first love! altough we're gonna break up in a few months time =(

Other than that I've been exercising trying to lose weight. How? walking around the malls shopping HAHA. Believe me it helps and I think i've lost 2kgs in 2 days walking around the mall shopping =P

Gonna go off to thailand tomorrow kub, for missions and I can't wait! It's definately gonna be awesome! =)
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