Ever since I got back I've been going to the 'Rainforest' almost every night to hear the 'colorful' noise ,sien ah go there everynight -_- truth to be told I'm not a person who likes to go out much, I just like to stay at home and chill. So I decided to stay at home and guess what? I did something productive!!!

I Cooked! (finally) for the family for lunch. cos my maid went back home so I took up the responsibility to cook and I made lunch for the family woot!. Wanted to make Chilli and Basil Chicken but turns out that after going the whole of Brunei I couldnt find any Basil leaves T.T So I had to improvise and in the end my mum went "Very good! So any other new recipe to cook?" haha. Seems like everyone is asking me to cook for them =.=" Im NOT a Good cook okay. luan luan lai ba. To be Honest I wasn't looking forward to cooking for my family, lost the passion for it already but who knows cooking with a WOK is so much fun! In Aus I have to suffer by cooking on electric stoves *cries* maybe I should have a day where I just cook and invite ppl to come my house just to EAT EAT EAT =)

watch out people WoKsTaR is back!

p.s- Is something wrong with my body or the food, everymorning have to make chocolate cake, and stomach pain. I think my immune system down =.=
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