back in Brunei

Finally back in Brunei!! But there were some problems

1.) The lady at the counter told me that I needed a visa to get in Brunei, then told me I need to show them I need a flight that shows im leaving Brunei after 30 days cos thats how long I could stay there apparently. Looks to me this lady hasn't been working long or travelled around south east asia lol. "if you dont have your ticket that shows you're leaving brunei, im sorry but you can't board the plane' kns =_=

2.)One My eyes was itchy, I scratched my eyes and the contacts came out, it fell SOMEHWERE and I couldnt find it, so I was half blind throughout the flight. You know that 'eye thing' you used to cover your eyes when you go to sleep? ( have no idea what you call that) anyway I used that to cover my blind eye lol. suffer aaa

just planning to chill at home for today and tmrw will be my first time going out, have to walk to kiarong bank and meet Banana. no car sad =( my friends of my generation are mostly away and wont be comin back til Dec, COME BACK FAST GUYS!! then again the new friends I met last year have all left to UK or wherever to study need to make new friends again =)

Yam Cha anyone?
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