New layout

weeee new layout!! what do u guys think? i didnt do the layout, bananagurl helped me made the layout and im very tahnkful that she took her time do help me with it! thanks! ^^ All i did was just sent her pics and title lol. she did a great job simple yet nice i like it hehe. the theme plugged in and amplified was from this thing i got which was Amplify christ: live him loud and so to amplify Him u got to get plugged in first and in a away relates to the guitar playin His music and glorifying and worshiping him heh.

guess what? I just found out that my exam is end of this month! Great -___-"" its a good thing i just quitted my job so i can focus on my study now. ahhhh, focus focus no more computer games+online

and another pic 'jack' edited and photoshoped for me , quite nice , she actually covered up my err messy bed and it became sumtin else lol.

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