1 more week!!!!

waaa cant' believe it, one more week and I'll be flying off to Gold Coast!!! sad? no because i've been in brunei for so long already haha and Im bored, i wanna go back and study ( i'll regret typing this out) , meet the GC ppl, work, missing the awesome beaches and I missing the GC ppl so badly. oh yeah I also will miss the all my frens back in Brunei la, i'll definately miss you guys ! =(

oh I played basketball today and yesterday... wasnt really in the good mood cos i sucked. Yes im a competitive person, I hate to lose ,no wait losing is ok but worse of all I hate it when i perform badly *sigh* sometimes its just easier just not to touch that basketball haha. but its all good, i did get a good bit of exercising there, build up my heart up , get more O2 in, lung expand.........okay i think i shud stop there, lol PE stuff coming up. yeah anyway flights on sunday 5.50pm ill be flyin =( sniff
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