Few days to go...

Few days to go till I fly back to the Gold Coast, its been fun having this break not looking forward to work but looking forward to see my Chicky Babe ;)

So I tried asking my company if they were willing to sponsor me for a PR and they told me they were not willing to (bummer) Good thing I received the news after doing my quiet time so I didn't feel discouraged. Did I feel disappointed? yes, but not to the point I would go to depression like before. I'll remember that disappointment is an opportunity for a miracle. Even if I don't see good, I don't feel good, I'll choose to remember good. I choose to remember how God has brought me so far for the past 4 years and His favor on me this year doing more than I could've imagined.

I'm really glad that I had this holiday to reflect more and try to finish books that I started earlier this year :p One thing God reminded me while I was on the bus few days ago was about me being a trailblazer. I always thought it was just about ministry but the sudden thought hit me, no one in church has applied for PR before, or some have applied but didn't get it and I just have this sense God is gonna use this situation that I'm going through to bring a breakthrough and be a testimony to others.

Is it normal to intercede and out of the blue you blurted out 'I wanna die now' while interceding? That was one interesting experience
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