sooooo saaaddddd PART 2

aiyoooooo im so frustrated hahaha. whyyyyyy air asia so lousyyyyyyy..... my flights at 6pm and i got there at 5pm thinking i might be late and guess what? Flight Delayed till 10pm waa sad, i dont know what am i gonna do now, im actually at the AFC office atm waiting for leonard... after his done talking see how am i gonna spend my time waiting for the plane. hopefully it wont be delayed again.

on a brighter note. I forgot to post my Exam results which was out
I got
D for accounting
C for employment relations
C for Food and beverage
P for Intro to research

D is distinction, C- credit P-pass anyway D for ACCOUNTING??? What the?? I failed my accounting last year in KL and when i found out that i had to take accounting this year i was like -___-"" wanna cry cos it was really hard and i failed it badly. Thank God i trusted in Him and also helping me out with the exam... the end result was Distinction and did way better than the other easy subjects. phew. Glory =)

anyway im done bloggin, gonna find out what to do for the next 4 hours haha. oh my malaysias number is +60164852796 for those who needs to contact me. Cheers
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