short blog- merry christmas =)

Short update: no time to update cos internet sux and im on dial-up….

-PlanetShakers was awesome!!! Met some new people hahaha and as usual we Merchandise crew were the most noisiest, wackiest bunch of group again lol. I’ll post all the P.S photo once I get back to
Bruneiwhere I have broadband dial up really sux >=(
-Im practically broke, shop most of the stuffs for friends till I don’t have time to shop for myself haha. And there are still a few friends left who I haven’t got gift yet because I don’t know what to get for them!!!! So freakin hard to get gifts for people you know -__--Gonna go KL in a few days to do last minute shopping haha

-Im at my grandparents place now and few minutes ago I was helping to clear out some junks from the kampong house and guess what I found? LOVE LETTERS of my parents!!! Ahahahah so funny…. But too bad I didn’t get to read it though cos when I started to get the plastic bags with like 30+++ hand written mail my mum whacked me and snatched the bag from my hand .. crapppp haha. I so wanted to check what did they write in the mail and hopefully could learn some ‘skillz’ from them XD

Anyway that’s about it,.. dead bored in kampong , started to miss P.S crew ppl and cant wait to go back to
Bruneiand the Gold Coast


p.s- get me presents ya hahah jk
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