happy ^_^

haha, it's rare that I blog twice in a week or earlier, usually I blog by the end of the week..... but hey! It was a special day! It was my birthday!! ^_^ ok so I was expecting it to be like the usual birthday I had last year and years ago where it was just another day and ppl wishin me a happy bday. But today was very different! I don't know how to explain this but I haven't felt this happy in a very long time. Today was just all about joy and laughter, no sadness and all that.

So I had two test, a history and bio test. The history test was at 8, and luckily during the class the teacher said it was open book. yay =D No time to celebrate because in 2 hours time I have a bio test which i really didn't study because of the karate competition. Went to the test unprepared. It was a good thing the class was small and we were all persuading the teacher to give us an open book test because the test was hard. So she said for the last 20 min the test will be open book. wohoo!! It's like wow! I'm soooo blessed today =P haha. So after that there was the lsat council meeting for the sem we got free food!! KFC to be exact ate 6 pieces of chicken hoho. After that went to CF. And Pastor Sandra came all the way to talk about Relationships. (Hui hui and 221, if you're reading this you should know who pastor Sandra is =) she was at the camp last year and it was exactly one year since I 've seen her now I get to see her again. haha. Her talk on relationships were funny and intresting. *ahem*. anyway Yeah. For the whole day I was getting lots of greetings and calls from friends wishin me a happy bday keke.

The nite was the best. Josh came into my room and asked me to go dining hall. haha. So I went and we were celebratin my bday there. Really surprised they made so much effort to get a cake for me. I really appreciate it. There were only 6 ppl though, me, Zy, Janice, Josh, SP and Lay Hoon. The cake was errr coffee cake with chocolate chips and strawberrys on top. yup. And the cake had 'Happy Birthday Jun Jun' haha ^_^

Just wanted to say I really Had a good time today guys. Thanks for everything!!! Arigato Gozaimasu! Even though i'm down y'all tried to cheer me up and all tat. So thank you again to you all. I really love you all. I really havent been this happy for a loooongg time. And I love this feeling. Also a BIG thanks to the BIG GUY up there. You shaped me and brought me in this world. thank you. ^_^

cheers~ people =D
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Psyhun said...

WOW!! Such a wonderful day..... I wish had such a day too..... I do need one of those kind of days once in a while now or everyday!!..... so far, none of them have come :( ..... sorry I called at around 12am and was disturbing you studying though.... anyway, again, Happy Birthday.... Jun Jun ;) ......

hui said...

jun!!! even by reading your post, can see youre so happy. =) glad you had a really great day. hehe. im gonna start calling you jun yuan again. hehe BLEHH. pastor sandra, while i was reading it, i was thinking to myself, that name sound so familiar!! lolx *ahem* *ahem* what there? share about the talk lehh!! sharing is caring!! hahaha =D take care jun!