I got this a long time ago and found it again in my friends blog again..... I have nothing to do so might as well post it for fun =)

Attractive personality. - hahaha i dont know? up to you guys to jduge me ^^
Sexy. - oh yeah =D
Affectionate. - definately
Shy and reserved. - starting yeah i guess
Secretive. - oo i can keep secrets ^^
Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. - yup yup
Loves peace and serenity. - definately
Sensitive to others. - nah
Loves to serve others. - Serve GOD! and others yea
Easily angered. - nopey
Trustworthy. - Definately
Appreciative and returns kindness. - yea
Observant and assesses others. - yea
Revengeful. - NONONO
Loves to dream and fantasize. - used to
Loves travelling. - yea! SHOPING!
Loves attention. - eeehh 50/50 ?
Hasty decisions in choosing partners. - hah?
Loves home decor. - duno yet
Musically talented. - oh yea! hehe
Loves special things. - i treasure everything
Moody - nopey used to be

ok all in all this is a bunch of crap really....... >.<
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