How to get out of ELO HELL- Noob team!

Have you ever found yourself playing a game surrounded by noobs? You may be winning your lane with a 12/1/3 Vayne but the rest of your team are feeding. They refuse to group, refuse to work as a team and wants to go ham. You feel like your feets are grabbed and you are dragged to the pits of Elo Hell. Leaving you frustrated and probably feel like raging or trolling.

Let's be honest you face this same issue whether you are in Bronze or a higher tier like Diamond.
So how do you actually climb out if your team is constantly feeding and not at the level you're at? I've mentioned before to not blame your teammates and just do your best. People have bad games, we're not perfect. people do have bad games, you have bad games.

Here are a few tips for you to get out of Elo Hell Noob Team edition

1.) Carry the game
Especially in low elo even if your team is feeding , learn to carry the game. Your teammates would probably either be negative, lost hope and wants to GG FF. Have a winning mindset and encourage your team not to give up and you guys have a chance to win. Now some people might ignore you , some will take on the challenge and try their hardest. LEAD THE TEAM! The games that gives you a high chance of comeback are the games where the team tries their best even if the team are down in gold and kills.

Storytime: I once was in a game where our Zed Dc'd making the game 4v5 mid game, but we were still able to win because our Jax was carrying us by netting kills and got to lvl 17 while the rest where 3-4 levels behind. Moral of the story, You can be carrying or let others carry you.

You'll have to understand ......
Team compostition- Some champions dominate early but they fall off late. Some champions sucks early but they're a beast late game. If you have a team with multiple AOE CC then do not give up. Teams takes time to gel together, and if you can land that perfect wombo in that one fight, it could turn your defeat into victory.

2.) Make use of dynamic queue 
I hated dynamic queue the day it was announced but now I actually like it. Here are a few reasons why.
You are able to team up with like-minded players and the chance of having a troll in the team is less. You'll have a decent team that allows you to focus on the game and less raging/typing. Queue with players that are good AND they have a positive attitude. I would rather have a teammate who is good and have a positive attitude than a teammate who is good but negative all the time. Players who are negative tends to tilt themselves and the team.

3.) Where am I going to find like minded players? 
People wants to queue with you if you perform well in game. They see that you are good they would want to queue with you (so you can climb together) or take the initiative and add the person up and ask if they want to queue with you to climb together.

4.) Be the bigger man
As you notice in lower elos people would rage after the first blood or when someone makes a horrible play. So if jungle makes a terrible play, turret dive and gives double buff. Someone would probably say 'Why did you dive you noob, now I'm behind zomg! GG'. Be the mediator and respond with something like 'it's okay we can win this, we can get it back, we got this'. Believe me, I would probably be frustrated just as everyone else with that person who constantly feeds because he hasn't got a clue but it comes back to the first point, learn to lead and make good calls, encourage the team and carry the team.

Hope this helps! If there are any questions feel free to comment and ask away or if there us anything you would like to see on this site please comment below :)

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