How to choose your Duo Partner

Part of climbing the ladder in League of Legends is to pick a good duo partner. Having a good duo will help minimise trolls in the team and the synergy you both have can carry the team. But what are some things do we look for in a Duo Partner?

1.) Synergy
Synergy is basically the combined effect of the two will be greater than the sum of individual. In other words 1 + 1 should equal a number more than 2. You have to work well well together as a team. As a support main I usually pick my support to complement my duo. For example if my ADC is aggressive I'll go for supports like Leona or Naut,

2.) Does not rage
Other than your Duo partner having the skills to play but make sure he is not a rager as well. I would never play duo with someone who is a rager because either they tilt themselves or they create a negative environment within the team thus making people lose focus. You don't want a duo partner that would blame you and the team if nothing goes his way.

3.) Same Drive/Goals
Duo with someone has the same drive to achieve the same rank as you. If you are a player that plays 4-5 games a day don't duo with that person who plays a game a day or spends 80% of their time in normals, clearly the drive isn't there. Don't find that player that gives up the instant the team gives first blood, calls GG in 10minutes and goes AFK.

4.) Bonus: Easy going
What I mean is someone that you can talk to easily and makes you laugh. Someone that helps you stay lighthearted.

Bottom line is that you will find success with duos that you actually want to play the game with (and you duo wants to play with you too :) )
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