How to carry as a jungler tips

No matter what tier you're in the role of a jungler is important and jungler is one of those roles you can really carry your team with.

Here are some simple tips on how to carry as a jungler to help if you are struggling or have just picked up a jungler role.

1.) Pressure lanes early
Gank so you and your lane can snowball. Especially in lower elos people do not ward their lanes or jungle so it's easy to counter jungle or gank in bronze. So it's safe to say assume lanes are not warded (at least in bronze anyway)

Learn to gank early and often. Especially gank lanes that are overextended, those are free kills.
You can powerfarm to 6 but you have less control on the outcome of the game.

2.) Counter Jungle
Learn to counter jungle, in low elos the risk is low whereas in higher elos their jungle will be warded and team will respond to counter junglers. If you're succesful in invading and counter jungling you have put the other teams jungler to a tilt.

3.) Gank top or mid lvl 3
Depending how extended the lanes try gank top or mid lanes level 3.

4.) Gank when you have level 6!
I have seen players that do not gank but continue to farm even when they hit 6. What's the point of having an ultimate if you don't use it? Turn off the mindset of just farming.

5.) Pick smart and pick a champ that is easy to play
Why is that important? Playing a simple champion lessens the chance of making simple mechanical mistakes. *Lee sin *coughs*  .  Simple carry champions can be but not limited to Amumu, J4 and Rammus.

6.) Go for a level 2 invade
IF you have a champion that has a strong early game like Lee Sin, Rengar or Nid.

7.) Knowing when NOT TO GANK
  • Your teams health is low
  • Sitting in the brush for too long, waiting too long without a gank can result in you falling behind in levels. 
  • When you are low in health
8.) Knowing when to gank
  • When enemies flash or both summoners are down (BIG YES!)
  • Enemy is low in mana or health
  • They are extended
  • If you didn't get a kill but burnt the flash it's still wurf!

Hope this helps! If there are any questions feel free to comment and ask away or if there us anything you would like to see on this site please comment below :)

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Vince Batters said...

Nice guide thanks :)

Jason Lee said...

Thanks dude!