Climb from Bronze to Silver

Okay so I have given some general tips on how to improve your overall game but what should you solely focus on if you are in Bronze? You find yourself frustrated and stuck with poor teammates. It seems like you are not in control of the outcome of the game. You may be improving but can't seem climb out of bronze to silver and you're stuck in this 'Elo Hell'.

Playing league involves your mindset. Without having the right mindset you can't improve and win. Having the right mindset will help you be a better league player, simple as that. Does that mean you will win all your games? No, but it does mean you will improve at a steady rate and the goal of getting out of bronze will be faster.

1.) Have the right attitude 
There's a saying that goes like this 'Your attitude determines your altitude' Attitude is the key for you to get better in League of Legends. The right attitude to win, the attitude that wants to encourage and help your teammates gets better. Many bronze players like to call KS when somebody gets a kill. League is a team game so netting the kill is more important than risking a champion escaping with a slither of health, plus gold from kills are shared. Obviously as you play more you might want to give kills to your carries but we can focus on that as we get to Silver.

2.) Stick to one champion 
In bronze , I would recommend players to focus on one-two champion they are good at. The reason is so you can focus on others skills that needs be learnt such as CSing, laning against your opponent rather than focus on what item to get and learning the champions abilities. If you can master that one (or two) champion you are able to carry yourself with the champion and work your way to Silver tier! Side note, please do not pick a champion with a high difficulty to master. Having a champ with no skillshots is recommended. Do practice those champions in normal/custom to get a feel of the champion before you take them to the rank. I'm not asking you to be a one-trick pony rather be competent in that champion so you are able to branch out to others as you are comfortable with them. As a support I have learnt and can play all support champs but I started off with just Janna and Leona.

3.) CS- Last Hitting 
Improving your laning mechanics is a good goal for a bronze but learning to last-hit is a better goal.
What is Last hitting?

1 Kill is worth around 12-14 minions. So even if you are losing lane but you are out CSing your opponent you can say that you are equal with them. Going to custom games and practice is probably the best way to practice CSing, I remember I used to practice CS a lot in DOTA where I had to not just farm but deny my own minion as well, ah those were the days. Even in Gold-low plat there are plenty of people who are not efficient in their CS. If you work on CSing while learning to improve your skill you will be better than most players as you progress. Try to aim for 75cs in 10 minutes first

As a jungler you can't really last hit but learn the timing of the buffs and creep respawn time. For example if you are focusing on power farm, try to get lvl 6 in less than 6-7minutes.

4.) Wards
I mentioned the importance of this in my previous post. Basically, everyone should farm and if you have vision control you are in control of the game. You prevent ganks, you can ambush champions easily (as most Bronze players don't ward).

5.) Practice!
League of legends is an easy game to pickup but hard to master. There are a lot of variables involved. Do not underestimate how normal games can help improve your game. Watch streams, guides on youtube apply the principles you read in the game. But practice is not all, you must know as much as possible about champions abilities and game mechanics, watch streams, read guides like this one, and apply that information into the game, think about possible matchups, imaginate them, what can you do in every scenario.

Hope this helps! If there are any questions feel free to comment and ask away or if there are anything you would like to see on this site comment below :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to say, it's really hard to climb out of bronze. All of friends are either in silver or gold, and I'm very frustrated. I've followed the tips you provided. As well as improving my gameplay, but I can't seem to climb. I think most of it is probably because I'm bad. But I main shaco in the jungle and to be honest, I'm not the worst or the best out there. I win 90% of my shaco games(in norms), but lately I tried shaco in ranked, and I've been on a losing streak. I hope you could give some other advice to how I can climb and improve gameplay.


Jason Lee said...

Hi Gabs,

Thanks for your comment! Firstly hats off to you to main shaco in jungle as I think he's hard to master in jungle (at least for me anyway). For shaco, he is a situational pick and falls of late game, in saying that if you start off well with him, you can get your team ahead. He's good with hassling other junglers and counter jungling. With his current kit it's hard to fit into the current meta, not to mention that he is squishy. Overall a very fun champ but not that reliable in rank.

How about going to and learn to jungle with the most picked/high winrate jungler at the moment like Udyr, Amumu or Shy. Especially with Udyr and Shy you can really carry your team. Watch youtube on how other people jungle those champs. Personally jungle is my secondary role and these are the few champs I would use in rank as they are easy to learn but also have a lot of ability to carry the team.

Hope that helps! :)