Why I lose my rank games

There will be a time where you will be losing a lot of rank games. How the heck did I just lose 8 in a row? You start to think you are in Elo Hell. You'll hear the common reasons 'Troll, afk, DC, team sucks' while some of them can be legitimate answer, let's be honest the chances the other team would have a DC, AFK or even a rager would be highly likely as well. Your goal is to minimise the losses as much as possible.

Here are a few tips on how you lose your rank games in League of Legends

1.)  Take a break
It's important to take a break from rank if you're on a tilt. Go play some ARAM and normals to cool off or even practice , when you're ready get back into climbing the ladder.

2.) Raging
I don't think people know but raging at your team lowers the team morale. Spending time raging than focusing on your game will cost you and your team the game. Especially in lower ELO raging at a team mate will provoke them to AFK, feed intentionally or refusing to group with the team.

'OMG just uninstall please....'
'Okay I'll just quit the game'
Summoner has quit the game.

There are other repercussions for your team such as not being aware of the map, losing cs and getting ganked because they were too busy typing.

3.) Losing CS
Unless you're a support being able to CS is really important. All the pros stressed the importance of CSing. Don't always focus on getting kills, remember having a good cs lead is equal to one and a half minion wave.

4.) WARDS!!!
As a support main this really ticks me off, it's everyone's job to ward. Play the vision game and you have won half the battle, especially in Bronze/Silver. It's sad to see even the supports in bronze don't ward. The key is to ward so you have your own awareness of your lane. If you are wondering where to ward you can check it out here. (Please I am not advocating boosting, just thought the ward information is helpful)

The 75g you invest in the pink ward will save your life. Especially in Bronze your goal is to stay alive and farm.
Warding gives you vision control, prevents gank and helps you to see where the enemies are at. Most of the time people do not ward especially in bronze. Warding will not only safe your life but win you the game.

5.) You don't have a primary role
I've mentioned it before on my first post the importance of having a primary role and secondary role. Having a primary role and getting good at it gives you the chance of carrying.

6.) You don't play objectives
In Bronze this may not be that important but neverthless playing around objectives is important. Especially in Silver, you have to learn to play the objectives to win the game. When to take Baron, When to take dragon, what to do when the tier 1 turret is down, if there are four enemies bottom sieging the turret then you should push the other lanes turret. In Gold, learning to rotate and take objectives is really important. Watching pro streamers play can improve on your macro and playing around objectives. The resources here and here I mentioned in my previous post can also help you do that if you want to learn the macro part of the game.

Hopefully you've picked up on something that may help. If there is a tip you would like to suggest feel free to comment! Good luck!
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