Time heals nothing

Its one of those days where you get this LOL moments :)

Me: miss jacky, aou a u
Lamo: eye aim ou gay
Me: zomg, ou a gay! HAHAHA XD


Here's something I read yesterday and would like to share with y'all

Time Heals Nothing
I know theres the old age cliché "Time heals all wounds" we are told to hang in there, put a smile, wait for time to anesthetize our pain. When we hurt, time only magnifies the pain. Days and weeks go by and agony hangs on. The hurt won't go away, no matter what the calendar says. Time may push the pain deeper into the mind, but one tiny memory can bring it to surface. Time heals nothing, God Heals!

Taken and praphrased from David Wilkerson- Have you felt like giving up lately

Which is so true... long story short, I shared yesterday at life group about the pain I had when people would ask me to shut up when I sing, or the rain would start pouring or worse.... practicing 1 hour before Church service and the Senior Pastors asks you to not sing but just open your mouth pretending you're singing? wow. (no not the church in Aus but back in Msia =P) Now that really stuck a dagger to your heart especially when you're called to be a Worship Leader, when you love singing, Praisin n worshppin God and doubts begin to creep in, holes are open for the devil to come in and put more lies, and make you think you're unworthy. But I really Thank God that I've managed to surrender my pain to Him, to cast my burdens on the cross and knowing that everything will be ok because someone has taken my burdens. Now whenever ppl tell me that I sing off tune, or I suck at it, I'm ok with it, no more dagger to the heart because God has healed me and I know that one day I can overcome this area of fear of failure in singing and turn it to a wonderful testimony =)
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