New Skin ^_^

yay! Finally I decided to change my skin, it was a hard decision as I loved my old skin but I was glad I found something similar or better than the previous one. Comments will be appreciated on how and what to improve ^_^ and million thx again to Bananagurl who always helped me with my html stuffs, i feel so c2pid T.T

Oh yeah I got 2 more new gifts, a Hamburger CD case and a Jim Bean Bottle from my Sheep @_@ He knows I like Bourbon

I just started my iPod today LOL! It was awesome but the process of transferring songs was a pain and I HAD to find album covers for the songs just cos it'll look cooler XP Finished New Moon and gonna be reading Book 3 of the Twilight series soon. Honestly though I have no idea why am I reading a teenagers novel -.-

Oh and I feel so naked now without my black nails =x everyone was asking, Jason!!! Why so Emo!!!! Some said it was ugly Some said it was sexy , and some said said it was cool =) I had to tell them its fashion, then they went 'Yea! Emo fashion' geez -_- anyway I told them im not trying to be cool, not trying to be emo.................... I'm a...


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