Domo Rocks and Cherry Coke sucks

I went shopping during two days ago and look what I got! Cool ey? I'm a big fan of Domo for a long time and I was stoked when I saw this shirt hehe :)Yea I went shopping two days ago, initially I didn't want to spend anything at all but I was drawn to that shirt then I saw some more cheap clothes that were on sale and got tempted to buy it. I partly blame Ping for bringing me there and because of that I spent close to $90 including some cheap food I got from the reject shop! Ping was being lame when she said 'I bought you from the reject shop' Ooohhh Snap!!!

Oh yeah tried Cherry Coke for the first time and it was disgusting, 'somebody' heard it was nice so we bought it and seriously this will be the first and last time I'll be having Cherry Coke.
Worked yesterday for a kickboxing match and I got to see legends fight like John Wayne Parr, The preacher, Carnage waaaaaa. I was even next to Soron Mongkontong and John!!! I didn't have a pen to ask for an autograph and my phone batt went dead so I couldn't take any pics ... bummer =( Sorry you won't understand this unless you watched The Contender Asia or you're into kickboxing =P
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