Off to Melbourne!

So I decided to update my blog because I'll be gone for a week and take this time to update on what's been happening.

I finally went to my McD orientation and I got my uniform yay :) training starts next week! oh and its funny how the manager told us that 4 weeks ago a guy came in with a shotgun and robbed the restaurant, this never happened in its 24 years and this is its first .... of all times -_- and I found one fact quite funny, A box of diet coke weigh less than a normal one cos it has less sugar... call me sakai but I only realised it and went 'ooooohhhhh' XD

I worked today and it was the worst shift ever..... I slept at 12 woke up at 3am to get to brisbane and started work at 6am, it was at a port and guess what was my job description. A Porter.... sounds good but heck no, in the Port the porter loads and unloads all the bags that comes in and out for the day and yes I was doin that for 6 hours straight, lifting and pushing 2500++ bags. No kiddin' I think I just cut 1 year of my life

Oh yea and I;m off to Melb woohoo! Can't wait to see my friends there and the conference will definately be awesome! It's about The Holy Spirit and can't wait to be empowered, impacted and transformed!! I still dunno why so many ppl keeps asking me to buy stuffs for them from melb -.-
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